Best Golf Putters 2024

Recently, we have been getting so much questions about putters and what's currently the best putter on the market right now for touch and feel.

As many golfers will know, the difference between the top-level players and the beginners is the putting. It's happened to everyone, where a simple putt for a birdie ends up being a 3 or 4 over for the hole.

So, we decided to speak to some industry experts as well as players to see what's currently available on the market and rank the best golf putters in terms of value for money as well as advancements in technology.

We tested out over a 100 different putters from various major and unknown brands to see what are currently the best options on the market. Using our automatic putting mat, we were able to evaluate things like the grip and the feel of the different putters.

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Best Golf Putters 2024

1. Odyssey White Hot 

So, number one on our list is the White Hot Versa One putters by Odyssey Golf. You may recognise the original putters in this range, and they have kept the distinct appearance of these just like the originals. These were once upon a time endorsed by Phil Mickelson himself and we can understand why with the extra added technologies with this new range. Odyssey are simply bringing back something that players loved many years ago and they are also included in one of the best golf full package sets.

There is a range of putters available in this range including a mallet version as well as bladed versions with each one providing similar technology, it is just up to your personal preference at that point. However, we loved the One model which was the bladed option.

As the name entails, the original (OG) White Hot insert is back in this line of putters, which was first introduced by Odyssey over twenty years ago but it is an insert that many people enjoyed hence its return. The White Hot insert is special for the material that it was created out of and its fine balance of feel and firmness. It was really at impact which this putter makes the most difference. The White Hot insert was so hot that at one point half of the PGA players on Tour were using putters that were centred around some version of this insert.

To be clear it is the original insert that everyone loved, but instead there is modern day material and technology now in the putter. So, the same basic principles have remained the same, but the material has been updated for today’s day and age. Even we use the White Hot putter in our golf bags.

Overall, the Odyssey White Hot Versa One is our best rated golf putter and its weight and balance combine to give a smooth stroke and feel when you are on the green.

2. Cleveland Golf Frontline Neck Putter

Next, we have the Cleveland Golf Frontline Neck Putter Range. You may not recognise Cleveland straight away, but they have been around since 1979 and are known for producing wedges. Although, they are not as popular as the major brands, they were still endorsed by the likes of Graeme McDowell and Keegan Bradley.

With the Frontline range, there are up to 13 models to choose from which can sometimes be a little tricky but we have found from speaking to PGA professionals and local golfers that the 2.0 seems to be the most popular.

We have always been a fan of the darker coloured putters especially from an aesthetic point of view from address. When you walk up to put the golf ball and stand above it, you cannot help but notice how nice this putter looks. They have been designed with forgiveness in mind to reduce the effect of mishits.

We found the rubber pistol grips comfortable in our hands especially the oversize option which really helped with the feel.

Overall, the Frontline putter range is second on our list considering its value for money. It is incredibly forgiving which makes it great for amateur golfers as well as looking great out on the course. We highly recommend this for anyone!

3. Taylormade Spider EX #3

We begin our review with this beauty from Taylormade. If you have read our articles before then you will have seen Taylormade in our Best Golf Driver post where we loved the the feel of the clubface. So, lets dive straight into this putter.

The new and improved shaft is optimized to be the softest just above where the shaft meets the club head. This decreased hardness of the shaft adds for increased feel when putting and it also increases the stability of the club.

One of the features that is specific to this model and is brand new for the company is known as the Pure Roll 2 Insert. It is the first insert that is made up of two different materials, but it is not necessarily the materials that are the benefit here. Rather it is the fact that the insert sits at a forty five degree angle within the club which enhances overall roll and feel characteristics.

When it comes to materials there are a few different materials that make up this club, with those being tungsten, aluminum and steel. These materials are specifically used for optimizing the center of gravity which for a putter helps a player with distance control and stability of the club. If the club is heavier it is more difficult to be over controlled or for minute movements to make a big difference and since every little thing matters with putting, this increased weight is a big improvement.

Another one of the amazing features that makes up this putter is the true path alignment tool from Taylormade. The color white is used for the aiming tool because it is the easiest to see, but a mixture of dots and lines are used to help you aim your putts. The dots are to help you line up your ball in the center of the face and the lines will make sure your ball is on your starting line. With all of these amazing features, the Taylormade Spider EX #3 is one of the best putters that money can buy and earns the number one spot on our list.

4. Odyssey 2-Ball Ten

This putter is one of the most common options that you will see on television today with its famous triple track technology. The triple track technology is an alignment tool which helps you start your ball out on line to hole more putts. The background colour is white which automatically grabs your attention, and it is then highlighted with red and blue stripes which further grab your attention. It is also a cool colour scheme for those that are patriotic here in the United States.

In addition to this triple track technology that you can get if you like, the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten is well known for its new shaft design. The new part of this shaft is not necessarily the length or the material, but rather the overall weight of the shaft. It is seven grams lighter than previous versions and this decrease in weight causes for an overall increase in consistency and tempo with your putting stroke.

What makes this putter unique in general is its overall shape, with it being the combination of two of the most popular designs in the company’s history. It takes the standard two ball look, but adds the aerodynamics of the ten putters in Odyssey’s past putters. This is also where the name comes from since the design is really just a combination of their two previous designs.

Even though they are not necessarily reinventing the wheel with this putter it is still an excellent option since it is truly the best of both worlds. To be clear the triple track option is not standard with all of the 2-Ball Ten putters, but for no price difference it is certainly something we suggest adding to your putter. With the combination of two great putters into this one option, we have put this putter on the number two spot of our list.

5. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom

What makes this putter great is that there are so many different options and versions to choose from. There are twelve different versions of this putter, each with their own little twist and form of improvement from the rest. They are all mallet putters, so keep that in mind. However with twelve different versions to choose from there really is an option for any golfer out there.

Speaking of different options, even amongst the twelve different versions that you can choose from there are four different shaft styles that you can pick from as well. The options vary by differences in the straightness of the shaft as well as the location of the bend along the shaft. No matter which style of shaft you choose, they are all perfected to naturally have the best arc possible for you as a golfer.

These putters are also a unique option due to the milled steel club face. This is an option that is typically found in Scotty Cameron putters and it is hard to find anywhere else. It makes for a smoother roll off of each stroke, but you need to make sure that you keep it clean. This is why you often see players on the PGA Tour wiping their putter prior to each putt.

The only drawback with these putters is that they tend to be towards the top of the price range that you will find for putters. This is why it is the third best option on our list even though there are many more variations for this putter then you will have on the first two options. Either way, price range is something that is up for you to decide and consider a putter as a lifelong purchase that you will pay off over many years. 

6. Mizuno M-Craft 2

The Mizuno M-Craft 2 putter is one of the only pure blade options on this list, with no mallet players in mind. Again this is simply personal preference, but it is something that all players should consider when looking for a club to purchase. They do have different colors to choose from with this option so that is something that is different from the rest on this list.

Additionally, it is one of the only putters that has a completely milled face similar to the Scotty Cameron putters. In general these putters are quite similar, but the Mizuno option is not nearly as high in the price range. This is because Mizuno does not have as much experience and credibility in the golf industry like the names of Titleist and Scotty Cameron. So if you are looking for a club similar to a Scotty Cameron, but for less of a cost then this putter is a great option for you.

What makes this putter different from the rest is that it comes with the option for adjustable weights. There are weights on the bottom of the club face and come in different options in grams. Whether you want a completely lighter option or the heavier option, it is easy to get these weights switched by a professional. You could also try to experiment with the weights yourself by putting a heavier weight in the toe or heel, all dependent on your own personal preference. Keep in mind that these weights are not as easily adjustable as you see with most standard drivers, but rather you must get them switched by a professional. So at the end of the day it is a little more troublesome but it is still a unique option for this putter that is difficult to find in the other options. For these reasons it is ranked sixth on our list. 

7. Titleist Scotty Cameron Special

It would not be fair to make a list of the top ten putters on the market without mentioning Scotty Cameron putters more than once. These putters are truly some of the best that money can buy with lots of hard work going into hand crafting each and every option. This is also why you see these putters on the top of the price range, but it is a long term investment. This putter is also one of the most popular ones that you will see on the PGA Tour, so you know that it is a great option. We have put it in the seventh spot on our list mainly because of the price, but we will still walk you through the other features of the putter as well.

One of the things that makes this putter great is the performance balanced weights that sit on the bottom of the club face. These weights have been optimized for the widest sweet spot possible on the putter face, which also adds for increased stability and forgiveness. Of course the wider the sweet spot, the more room you have for error with putting and putting always seems to come down to a matter of inches. With adding forgiveness in this putter you can expect to sink more putts!

In addition to the weights benefiting the club face, the sole has also been redesigned which helps you automatically set the face straight at address. This redesigned sole makes the putter fit naturally into the green without any major adjustments on your part. This will get your mind thinking less about the address and more about the line to hit your putt on. The Titleist Scotty Cameron Special really is an excellent option, it is just up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay for a putter. 

8. Taylormade Truss Blade 1

As you can tell by the name, this is a blade putter but it is certainly one that sticks out from the rest. The shape of the hosel and face together is quite interesting where it seems that the blade and hosel are one in the same. Typically the hosel just attaches the club face to the shaft in a simple manner, but in this club they connect similar to a t-shape with the hosel being made out of the same material as the club face rather than that of the shaft.

The shape of this feature is a triangle, but its uniqueness is actually what gives this model the Truss name. Similar to trust, it is designed to give you increased trust with your position at address. It is another putter which has been designed to become naturally stable when it is placed at address behind your ball. The difference is that the hosel has been redesigned for this added stability rather than the sole of the club face.

Taylormade has also added a pure roll insert into the club which is focused on making your initial roll after striking the ball as perfect as it can be. Since most of the putt is reliant on the initial impact, this pure roll feature does great wonders to every players putting abilities. The insert also helps perfect the arc of your putting motion which in turn helps create better roll after impact. You might not able to use your best golf rangefinder to help you with distances here but this technology from Taylormade will help you with being more accurate.

With one of the most unique looking options on the list, we have placed this eighth not because of the looks, but because we are still unsure of how helpful this new technology will be. Later on down the road this putter could be placed higher on our list after there has been some time for this putter to prove its worth or for some improvements to be made in the technology. Rarely is a putter perfect on the first iteration of its technology. 

9. Odyssey Triple Track

We have mentioned the triple track option previously in the Odyssey 2-Ball putter, but with this line the triple track comes standard. What makes it great is that there are multiple different styles of putters that you can choose from that fall under this overarching category. Whether you prefer a blade or mallet putter, you can throw the triple track technology on there and you will be good to go.

Again triple track technology is just as it sounds, it involves three lines on top of the club head which serve as an alignment tool. They are coloured red and blue on top of a white surface which makes them stick out easily when you are looking at the putter at address. These lines make it easier for you to get your ball started out on line, which many golfers attribute as the most important part of the putt. You can also buy Callaway golf balls which are factory made with these same three lines on the side of the ball that would act as an extension onto the putter. No matter which style of putter you choose, this triple track technology is one of the best alignment tools that has been produced in a putter today. We personally love this option ourselves and even the Callaway golf balls alone make for a great option.

Now this is only ninth on our list despite it being one of our personal favourites, because besides the extra alignment tool on top of the club, there is nothing really new in these putters that have not already been built into the other options above. The added price for these putters would really only be for the added alignment tools rather than any other ground breaking technology. With this in mind we have placed it ninth on our list. 

10. Odyssey O-Works Black

This putter is a great option for players who are looking to stay within a lower price range than the other putters mentioned above. This line of Odyssey putters is an older version that is still a great option, but since they are older the overall price is lower. For someone who is looking for the best parts of the high end putters from above, but wants to pay a lower price, this is an excellent option for you.

It looks very similar to the Scotty Cameron putters from above, but the major difference is that the face is not milled, instead it is synthetic. However they still use the same weights on the bottom of the club face, so it all looks the same but rather than being steel it is made of a composite material.

What this putter is most well known for is its Microhinge Face insert which is not possible in a Scotty Cameron putter. Again with the emphasis on impact and starting your putts on line, this technology is designed for an immediate generation of topspin and roll at impact regardless of the stroke that is put on the ball. This adds forgiveness to the club and makes it an excellent option for beginners who are still looking to step up their game and spice up their bag a little bit.

Another feature that makes this putter unique from the rest is that the club is optimized for you personally from the second you buy it at the store. Whenever you go to purchase the club, you meet with a professional who will optimize the hosel for you based on your natural position at address. This way you do not have to change anything that you do for this putter, and the putter is simply designed to do the work for you, as they all should be. Since this has the best parts of technology from the other options, but is a little bit older we have put it on the bottom of our list.

We hope you have found this article helpful and we highly recommend all of the options on this list for you! We tested some of these out in our garden golf practice net so don't forget to check that out as well as our new golf swing trainer.

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