Top 10 Golf Drivers in 2024

I think it is fair to say that there’s not a better feeling as a golfer then hitting a driver straight down the middle of a fairway. It’s something every golfer strives to be consistent at and having the best golf driver in your hand makes it even better.

In this article, we have tested and analysed over 45 new drivers on the market right now and are excited to show you which ones we think are currently the best. Surprisingly, they may not be the most expensive option! We’ve gone for the best value for money and hopefully, will help the new as well as the experienced. So, lets get straight into it.

Best Golf Drivers of 2024

1. Titleist Tsi1

Unlike a more traditional rounded shape head, the Titleist Tsi! Has a more modern pear-like shaped which helps lower the center of gravity. The idea behind the lower center of gravity is to increase spin and launch, which theoretically will provide greater distance and more control on off center contact.

Weighing in at just 275 grams, the Tsi! Is perfect for the average senior or any players with swing speeds that max out at 90 mph. This driver is another in the Tsi1 ranges that comes with super lightweight construction that includes a micro-thin titanium crown and Radial VFT face.

The pros are that the club is very easy to generate a good speed, very good driver for a high handicapper due to maximum forgiveness, light enough in weight for junior golfers, and a great overall driver for those needing significant improvement off the tee.  The cons are that is isn’t suitable for better players with higher swing speeds and the increased spin number can interfere with maximum performance.

2. Callaway Epic Max Driver

Of the three models of the Epic drivers introduced in 2021, the Epic Max probably has the biggest market appeal. The head shape compared to the Epic Speed is quite different and some may not like the pure lack of aesthetics. However, the vast majority of players will choose the club they can consistently hit better, and that will be the Epic Max.

The Epic Max has a deep center of gravity, and with a sliding backweight of 17 grams, you can add up to 20 yards in shot bias and a higher moment of inertia. What this all means is you will have more control over the shape of your shot.  Exceptional ball speed across the face is made possible ty the A.I. Jailbreak Steel Fram. The A.I. Flash Face provides greater distance even on mishits due to lighting fast ball speed across a larger area of the face. The ultra-strong titanium material of the face provides top speed, spin, and forgiveness.  Lot and lie adjustments are easily made due to the OpiFit hosel.

The club is lightweight, which is excellent for players with slower swings. There are enough features on this club to help players of all handicap levels, although a higher handicap is likely to have the most profound benefits due to the extra forgiveness across the face.

3. Ping G425 LST Driver

This version of driver produced by Ping has a heavier weight that you can move at the back of the heads. In theory this should improve the center of gravity, while optimizing ball speeds.  All of this is done without losing forgiveness on mishits.

A single piece of maraging steel completely wrapped around the face adds flex to the face and a reported increase of 1.5 mph of ball speed. This is due to the fact the the flex area increases, adding to the ball speed on impact.  The traditional head on the Ping drivers has been circular, but the G425 LST has a move oval-shaped face. This isn’t created for appearance. It adds forgiveness of mishits off the top of bottom of the face.

Some may be skeptical about whether the weight shifting changes the ball flight. For players that struggle with either a hook or a slice, you may want to try out the driver before purchasing.  This club won’t wow you if you are looking for fancy gimmicks or tricks. It’s a simple-looking driving which is really solid for golfers of all skill levels.  The players that will get the most benefit are those that are always playing out of the woods or reteeing after watching another shot sail out of bounds.

4. Taylormade SIM2 Driver

If you have read our articles before, then you will know we love Taylormade whether it comes to irons or even the best golf putters on the market right now. Master clubmakers in terms of aesthetics, TaylorMade created another great looking driver with the SIM2. The driver features a 24-game weight compared to the predecessor’s 18 gram, which adds increased moment of inertia and increases mishits across the face.

Available in 8, 9, and 10.5 degree, the driver is best suited for players with a high swing speed who have little or no difficulty getting the ball airborne. In addition, the SIM2 is said to lower they spin rate by 200 to 300 revolutions per minute than the Sim2 Max.  In addition, the aluminium material which hasn’t been used in design of drivers for many years, is used in the Sim2. This, along with a sole constructed with carbon-fiber, adds up for five percent more forgiveness.

The pros of this driver are that it is longer and more forgiving than last year’s SIM model. It’s also more pleasing to the eye and players generally feel better hitting a club that is more visually appealing. The cons of this driver are that mishits fly farther off line than the Sim Max model and is a poor choice for golfers of lower ability. It’s best suited for players seeking lower spin rates.

5. Cobra King RADSPEED Driver

Radial Weighting is used in golf clubs to help optimize forgiveness, direction of ball flight and ball speed. There’s no secret that Cobra Golf’s King RADSPEED has taken this concept to an entirely new level. With the King RADSPEED driver, Cobra says it’s possible to set 3/4 of the mass at the front of the head (or split it evenly), to create a lower spin rate and higher ball speed.

The drivers are visually more appealing than the Speedzone, but really don’t perform any better in terms of pure distance. There is slight improvement in forgiveness, but not enough to warrant an upgrade. If you are not currently using a Cobra, then this club is worth a try. The club has all the current technology and looks great and generally is lower in cost than the competition.

The Cobra King RADSPEED has an impressive amount of loft variation, feels solid through contact of the ball, is visually appealing, and is competitive in price. In addition, the Cobra Connect smart grips are a plus. On the downside, there is no significant improvement notes over the Cobra King Speedzone.  The bottom line, if you are already a Cobra user, adding the RADSPEED likely won’t benefit you much. If you are new to Cobra, by all means, give this club a try.

6. Wilson STAFF Pro Driver

Generally regarded as good clubs for beginners, Wilson STAFF clubs have solid choices for the more advanced golfer as well. The STAFF driver has a large head and flex shaft designed for great control and flexibility.  The oversized head provides increased forgiveness and a larger sweet spot for more consistent contact.  The configuration of the face helps control spin and optimize the amount of spin. The aerodynamic woods increase head speed and have an aesthetically pleasing dark blue finish.

For golfers that are used to steel shaft, the flex shafts can take some time to get accustomed to. The Wilson STAFF Pro Driver is a solid, inexpensive driver for players who are beginners and for the average golfer that plays on a regular basis. The club is also quite durable and Wilson clubs in general has a large selection to fit players of various abilities.

7. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The design is geared towards golfers who struggle with the dreaded slice.  These players typically have an open clubface and hit down on the ball, generating a high spin rate. To create the ideal low spin, high launch shot, Callaway moved the center of gravity forward and lower in the head. This helps create more of a draw shape to the shots, but also promoting more straightness due to lower spin.

This club isn’t a cure for the slice, but should help reduce it. Callaway specifically says the club is geared towards the beginner or high handicap players, who typically have greater issues hitting the ball straight, particularly missing with a slice. The Big Bertha was the first drivers to have a significantly larger head than other club makers. This helps players feel confident about hitting the sweet spot.

There is plenty of forgiveness with the club and is excellent for players needing to reduce spin that causes a slice. In addition, the color pattern makes it visually appealing. A glaring problem is a price upwards of £600, which is likely a major turnoff for the beginning player. The club is also not suitable for players who hook the ball.

8. Callaway Mavrik Driver

The standard version of this club is suitable for the average golfer and with a great new look and consistency that golfer of all levels desire.  The ball flight of this club will be higher that other models without the loss of distance. Unless you are a player that struggles with the balloon shot path, this is a strong point of the Mavrik driver.

The technology of Jailbreak is present in this driver, which helps generate faster ball speed, which equates to greater distance. The head on the Mavrik is also lighter than other Callaway models, which helps distribute weight more evenly, leading to more forgiveness and more consistent shots.

Much like other club manufacturers, Callaway has different models of Mavrik with different Flash Faces, providing something to fit golfers of all ability levels. Users noted that they were able to shape shots more easily with the Mavrik, whether is was a fade of a draw.  The low spin, higher distance, higher flight shot can become a reality with the line of Callaway Mavrik drivers.

9. Yonex Ezone GS Driver

Known as a brand that thrives on graphite shafts, Yonex is branching out into meadlwood design. The GS means Graphite Speeds and the idea behind the concept of the driver was to create a playable driver that focused on excellent speed. The graphite crown provides more flex at the top of the face.  In addition, the Power Groove Sole produces a larger sweet spot and maximizes ball speed over the entire face.

While ball speed is important, accuracy is at a premium.  The Ezone GS accomplishes this with a vertical polish on the face. This enables the ball to slide upward upon impact, which lowers the sidespin, lower the amount the ball will curve off the intended target.  Interchangeable weights and adjustable hosel for face angle and loft help with accuracy and launch.

The driver feels solid and provides a very good combination of distance and accuracy. Any issues with controlling the clubface are negated by forgiveness in the head. It must be noted that the club is more suited for beginners, seniors, juniors, and women with slower swing speeds.  This driver is certainly an upgrade over older models produced by Yonex.

10. Cobra F-Max AirSpeed Driver

There are two models of this driver, one with the offset head, meant for beginners and high handicappers, and one with a straight shaft.  The driver is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds. The club is lightweight, has a forgiving face, and promotes a high launch. In fact, this model had the lightest driver head on the market last year, which equated to more distance at the expense of a little loss in accuracy.

The club has a black and blue color scheme and has a great feel. The big head will give beginners more confidence in hitting the sweet spot than seeing a tiny head. There are some better clubs on the market, but this club will be great for golfers that need to add an extra one to two mph to their swing. The moderate increase in swing speed will add some distance. 

The downside is that the club can run a bit expensive. In addition, the club will be difficult to control for players with average to fast swing speeds.  Those with higher swing speeds noted that at times they blasted balls accurately by their competitors, however at other times mishit the balls far worse than with other model drivers. It basically turned out to be high risk, high reward for better players. I don’t recommend the Cobra F-Max AirSpeed driver for anyone other than beginners or slow speed swinger.

We hope that you have found our article helpful and will provide some insight into the different options that you currently have. We tested some of these drivers in our garden golf net so worth checking that out. Our golf swing speed trainer is a great warm up tool as well.

Make sure to check out our heated gilet which is currently on sale and can be worn out on the golf course to keep you warm. Also if you are looking to be more accurate with your distances then our best budget golf rangefinders is a great read as well.

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