Best Golf Rangefinders 2024

The laser range finder has revolutionized the way we measure distance, especially in Golf. It is a fantastic device that is used to navigate the golf course and help you lower your score.

We decided to test over 40 of the best Golf Rangefinders on the market to see whether they are worth the money and if they provide you with accurate measurements as promised.

Being able to consistently hit the required distance is probably what separates the amateurs from the professionals and the best golf rangefinders do an amazing job at letting you know the exact distance to your intended target. But is it something that you really need to keep in your golf bag? Before you carry on, don't forget to check out our training ads and our list of best electric golf trolleys which will make it easier for you out on the course.

Here is a quick summary below of our best rangefinders if you are in a hurry. Check them out as quite a few of them are currently on sale.

Should I be using a Golf Rangefinder?

Now obviously, you could have the most expensive rangefinder in your hand, but it does not make a difference if you have no control over the accuracy of where you are hitting the golf ball. From looking at PGA statistics, a golf professional can typically hit the golf ball within 5% of the intended target, therefore knowing the exact distance is crucial when you are that accurate.

Only as recently as the last 20 years, accurate distances were only available to Tour quality golfers through their caddies, but this has all changed thanks to the range finder. However, the technology has come at a price. As more players have begun using this gadget on tour, they have become more and more popular amount recreational golfers which has brought many major brands such as Bushnell and Garmin into the market.

But booming market has also given an opportunity for less well-known brands to make cheaper alternatives to the premium options. A simple search on any major golf retail website will provide a staggering number of results. That’s why we have done the endless number of hours testing and analysing, hoping to find the best option out there.

Whats the difference between a cheap and an expensive rangefinder?

This is probably the question that we get asked the most when it comes to rangefinders. As we may have all seen, there’s a wide range of options on the market to choose from. In fact, the prices can go all the way up to £350 when you look at the top end best golf rangefinders.

When you consider that there is a difference of almost £300 in certain cases, how much difference really is there between the two options? Apart from looking at how accurate they were, we also considered how they look and feel in the hand as well as how quick they produce the measurements. We compared the high-end Bushnell V5 Tour to a Mileseey Rangefinder worth £60.

In terms of the looks and first impressions, it was no surprise that one had far more thought and effort put into the design. The best way to put it would be to say that they look exactly how much they are worth. The Bushnell looks like a premium rangefinder and generally looks like there’s a lot more going on. You don’t need to be an engineer to realise which one looks like the more expensive option. With the Mileseey, you can quickly tell that it is a budget option, but the real question is what’s the accuracy like on the best golf rangefinders?

This is probably where we were left a little perplexed. We took it down to our local driving range in Essex and tested the yardages over 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards and 200 yards… the results were shocking! We expected the yardages to differ by about 5-10 yards. However, we experienced a difference of only 1-2 yards. This leads to the question, how many golfers do you know whose golf game is accurate to 1 or 2 yards? It would be fair to say 99% of golfers would not be that accurate. So, is it worth spending an extra £300 for an extra yard or two of accuracy? Maybe if you consider the speed of the readings….

This was probably the one area where we saw the biggest difference between the two. The Bushnell locked onto the flag almost immediately. There was even an alert on the screen as well as a vibration as soon as it’s locked on. In contrast, our cheaper option was a bit more cumbersome. It didn’t have the vibration technology but does give an alert when it detects a flight. From our testing, we’d say it took about 4 seconds to get a reading. So realistically, you are not going to be holding anyone up by taking a few seconds longer to get a reading.

Finally, when you look at the packaging, we had quite a surprising result. We expected the premium options to have had a huge edge in the design and feel of their case. However, we were astonished to find that this was not the case. In fact, they were pretty much the same! The quality of the cases was the same so in terms of protecting your rangefinder, we can assure you both are safe.

Top Rated Golf Rangefinders in 2024

1. MiLESEEY PF210 Precision

This choice might ruffle a few feathers but when you look at value for money for the average golfer, this is an absolute no brainer especially if you don’t want to fork out on the high-end options. The MiLESEEY PF210 golf rangefinder is voted our best golf rangefinder with it's amazing value and popularity among golfers.

As expected, it feels very light out of the packaging and slightly smaller than we anticipated. The packaging is very nice and similar quality to the premium options.

It does take a little bit longer to take a reading but nothing to be worried about. We were a little worried about the steady hand situation, but this did not affect the readings at all. Only a stunning 0.5yard out from the designated flags.

This model of the rangefinder, you can’t switch off the slope mode which means it can’t be used for competitions. However, they have released a new version which gives you that option to switch it off.  

Overall, the Mileseey PF210 Precision is our best rated golf rangefinder and you can’t go wrong with this price point considering how accurate it is. Most of us golfers won’t have a good enough game where that yard or two will make a difference. It’s a fantastic device and saves you a few quid as well.

2. Bushnell V5 Rangefinder

It’s a good starting point to mention that when it comes to rangefinders in golf, Bushnell are the leaders. They have been around for years, and no one’s come close to knocking them off the top spot. Obviously, with being a leader in this space, the prices can be considered premium, but we can guarantee that in terms of technology, there is no one better out there.

In terms of maximum distance for taking readings, it is 1300 yards. Obviously, you wouldn’t need this for golf but if you were looking to aim it at the group ahead of you or just something in the far distance, then that’s what you must play with. You most probably will not need this much.

Now to the flag, you have a limit of 400 yards. Again, most people will not need this much as they won’t be able to hit it this far, but the option is there.

One new feature this has is its magnetic mount on the side which sticks to your cart. It goes without saying that the product looks and feels premium when you take it out of the case.

A bonus is the two-year warranty that Bushnell provides when you purchase their rangefinder. So, if anything happens to it in the first two years, they will replace it for you. In terms of technology, this could easily have been the best option and if you are looking for a premium option then this is a great choice.

3. TecTecTec VPRO500

If you have been around the rangefinder space for a while, you will know that TecTecTec positions itself as a specialist and a pioneer of affordable rangefinders. They do one hell of a job at doing this.

It’s so simple to use and the pin finder mode is excellent. A slight movement of the hand always gets a reliable lock on the flagstick.

They also have some great instructional videos on how to use the rangefinder itself which are very useful for some of our new readers.

Sometimes for distances above 250 yards can be a little tricky but nothing a bit of patience or a steady hand can’t solve.

Overall, it might not have all the fancy gimmicks as the premium brands, but TecTecTec have definitely bought their a game when it comes to the VPRO500.

4. REDTIGER Rangefinder

Another one, we would consider to be value for money and does what it says on the tin. With an impressive long distance range of 1200 yards, you can take this around anywhere with you. We were genuinely surprised at how well it works for the price that you pay.

The accuracy was great having tested it down our local driving range. Sometimes, we had some outlier readings that were out by 4 or 5 yards so might be worth taking another just to make sure.

It did take some getting used to with flags over 150 yards. For all you readers out there who struggle with a steady hand, just needs some practice and you’ll get the hang of it.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback about the customer service on offer too, they are very responsive and if any faults or problems develop, they are quick to get them resolved.

Overall, an excellent piece of kit that does a great job at straightforward distance measurement.

5. GolfBuddy Laser

You may have heard of the GolfBuddy range floating around who are quite popular for the golf GPS watches. If you have read our articles below, you would have seen them being mentioned in our best golf GPS watches post where we loved the watch, and the rangefinder is no different.

It’s a very straight forward laser rangefinder that you can use straight out of the box.

In terms of pricing, we would say this is in the middle. Still affordable and gives you a slope functionality as well. We did notice that it wasn’t easy to tell when the slope function is switched off which might get other golfers curious but other than that, it’s all good.

6. Peakpulse

As you might have noticed, there’s quite a few budget options now appearing in the list and the Peakpulse is another excellent option to consider.

Again, as expected, very light and easy to set up. It’s got vibration technology to help lock on the flag which works on all hazards and bunkers. During testing, it easily picked up the flag as well even with different coloured flags.

Also, a nice easy one to use if you wear glasses as well. You’ll be able to see through the viewfinder perfectly fine.

It fits nicely in your hand as well and always suggested, two hands are better than one for stability.

Overall, very happy with this product and from testing it out on the course, performs like the premium options as well.

7. Bushnell Pro XE

Another one from the mighty Bushnell makes the list as expected. You’ve probably heard from many that Bushnell is usually better in every single way including the build quality and speed of measurements.

This one is no different with accuracy second to none while feeling exceptional in your hand. When we tried this one out, we got the reading almost immediately, under a second! The 7x zoom had a huge part to play in this.

Overall, no surprises here about how good the rangefinder is. The only question is whether the premium price is worth paying. If you have the budget and probably play at least 3 or 4 times a week then it definitely is!

8. EasyGreen 1300

This is one option that went a little under the radar having not really seen too much of EasyGreen. We were quite surprised to see how well this did in terms of its accuracy and quality that it provided.

We had heard from various sources that for a regular golfer that plays 3 to 4 times a week, you only needed to change the battery once in a year which is amazing. We couldn’t confirm this as we hadn’t tried it yet but that would be very handy.

A quick scan back and forth across the flag provides an accurate and quick reading every time.

Older players have also mentioned the rangefinder is great at locking onto the pin with the seeker facility which is a must for us hand shakers out there.

So overall, another great mid-range option that is accurate, easy to use and much cheaper than the bigger brands.


Another budget alternative to the big brands out there and a very reliable little device. AOFAR are relatively unknown in the golf space but considered a specialist in the rangefinder world. They primarily make golf and hunting rangefinders and have been around since 2014.

We tested this one out on the course and were surprised at how accurate the distance measurements were.

It comes in good packaging and doesn’t feel like a budget option. As soon as the laser hits the pin, there is a double vibration as soon as it finds the pin.

Overall, it’s small and simple to use. It’s going to be efficient in the required job and will give you a very accurate distance to the flag.

10. Bozily Rangefinder

Bozily is another unheard-of company in the golf space that is a specialist in rangefinders having only been operating for three years. However, we must be honest and say their designs are very out there as you can see in the picture of a tiger on this model.

So, with this in your hand, you are sure to stand out in the crowd and may get a few looks. Obviously, this rangefinder is not purely for golf purposes as it can also be used for hunting.

In terms of performance, this was very accurate with the distance measurement. We weren’t too sure if the 1500 yardage limit was true, but you would never need that much on a golf course anyway.

Overall, another budget option that also comes with a 2-year warranty so if any problems do occur, you’ll be able to get a replacement.

We hope you enjoyed our article and if you are looking to buy one, always make sure to look at different options. Some of the ones above provided better measurements than the premium brands and cost 3 or 4 times less.

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