Best Mountain Bike Pump

If you aren’t carrying a mountain bike pump with you then this might be the best time to consider getting one. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a flat tyre especially if you are in a very remote location without an easy access to a pump. But fear not, fellow trail tamers! With the right mountain bike pump in your pocket, getting back on the path is a breeze.


However, choosing the perfect pump can feel overwhelming. Floor pumps, mini pumps, high-pressure, high-volume– the options seem endless! That’s why in this comprehensive guide, we have tested over 40 mountain bike pumps that are currently available on the market to see which ones are your best options right now.


We hope that this guide will help you make a better financial decision as well as keep you safe on the mountain tracks. So, lets dive straight in and see which ones came out on top.

Unveiling Our Best Mountain Bike Pumps

1. Cycplus AS2 Pro Max Mountain Bike Pump


Smallest mountain bike pump on the market

  • Award winning brand

  • Amazing value for money

  • Small compact design

  • Clear display feature

  • Auto-switch off feature

Our Review:

At the top of the list is the mini cube pump from Cycplus which is an amazing lightweight and portable mountain bike pump. You may have noticed that this made the top of our list for the best electric bike pump guide and the new Pro Max version of this tops our mountain bike pump guide.

Considering how tiny this mountain bike pump is, it makes it a perfect companion for carrying with you along those difficult mountain trails. Slip it in your pocket and if you ever encounter a flat tyre, simply attach this to your mountain bike valve and the electric power will inflate the tyre all by itself.

The Cycplus AS2 pro max version comes with a digital display to let you know when it has reached your desired pressure and has an automatic shut off feature which is extremely handy and is also powerful enough to inflate car tyres.

Overall, the Cycplus AS2 Pro Max is our best rated mountain bike pump because it is unbelievably lightweight but also packs enough power to easily pump up your mountain bike tyre as well as well as other tyres. Our favourite pump right now and we would recommend this to anyone looking for a mountain bike pump

2. BEEWAY Mountain Bike Mini Pump


Most popular manual pump on the market

  • Amazingly cheap

  • Easy to use in emergencies

  • Aluminium alloy material for durability

  • Includes extra needle adapters

  • Presta and Schrader compatible

Our Review:

Beeway is a company that offers a variety of cycling accessories, including the Beeway Mini Bike Pump. This handy pump has features that make it a great choice for mountain bikers.


First, the Beeway pump is versatile. It works with both Presta and Schrader valves, the two most common types found on bikes. The telescopic hose extends for comfortable use, and the pump is compatible with road, mountain, racing, and even children's bikes.


Second, it delivers high-pressure inflation. With a maximum output of 120 psi (8.3 bar),it can quickly inflate your tires and get you back on the trail. The tight seal ensures no air leaks, so you can be confident your tires will stay inflated.


Third, this pump is all about portability. It is just 17 cm long and easily fits in your pocket or can be securely mounted to your bike frame using the included bracket. This way, you can always have it with you in case of a flat tire.


Finally, the Beeway pump is multi-purpose. It comes with adapters that allow you to inflate bike tires and basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and even pool floats. The pump's aluminium alloy body is built for durability and resists corrosion, so you can rely on it for many rides to come.

3. Woowind BP188 Electric Mountain Bike Pump

Best Mountain Bike Pump Review - Woowind BP188



  • Compact design

  • Large screen

  • Real-time air pressure guage

  • Handy auto shut off feature

  • Presta, Dunlop and Schrader compati

Our Review:

Woowind, known for its innovative cycling gear, offers the BP188 Electric Bike Pump - a powerful and convenient solution for cyclists on the go. This pump ditches manual labour and boasts features that make inflation a breeze. This one was one of our favourites in our best mini bike pump article where we were impressed with how versatile it was and as a result, it makes a fantastic mountain bike pump too.


Gone are the days of bulky floor pumps! The Woowind BP188 is incredibly compact, easily fitting in your bike's frame-mounted bottle holder, saddle bag, or seat pack. This makes it a lifesaver compared to cumbersome floor pumps that are a hassle to carry.


Despite its size, the BP188 packs a punch. With a 120 PSI capacity, it can inflate not just your road or mountain bike tires, but also those on dirt bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and even balls and pool floats. It comes with Presta, Dunlop, and Schrader valves adapters, ensuring compatibility with all your inflatables.


But the magic lies in the digital display. This pump doubles as a pressure gauge, showing both the pre set target and real-time pressure as you inflate. No more manual guesswork!


Plus, you can set the desired pressure, and the pump automatically shuts off when reached, eliminating the risk of overinflation. An LED light even lets you use it atnight for added convenience.

4. West Biking Portable Mini Bicycle


Compact and very handy!

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Easy set up

  • Easy to change strapsx

  • Simple to use

  • Can be used for road bikes, mountain bikes but also for footballs

Our Review:

West Biking, a company offering various cycling accessories, has a lifesaver for any cyclist with their Portable Mini Bicycle Pump. This pump packs a punch despite its size, making it perfect for stashing away for unexpected flat tires.


Let's delve into its key features: Forget about adapters! This pump seamlessly switches between Presta and Schrader valves, making it compatible with all types of bikes, from road racers to kid's cruisers.


The secure valve connection creates a tight seal for leak-free inflation. Plus, the extra-long barrel and oversized piston design provide impressive pumping power, inflating your tires up to 100 PSI quickly and efficiently.


Portability is key! This lightweight pump easily fits in your bag or pocket, ensuring you're never caught off guard by a flat tire. It even comes with a handy mounting bracket that attaches to your bike frame for convenient access during rides.


The pump's high-grade aluminium alloy construction makes it durable and surprisingly light. Multiple leak-proof rubber rings and an ergonomic design ensure a comfortable grip and minimize the effort needed to inflate your tires.


But this pump's usefulness extends beyond bikes! The versatile design allows you to inflate basketballs, volleyballs, and even pool toys, making it a true multi-purpose tool for any outdoor adventure.

5. Alphatrail Mountain Bike Pump


Easy and quick inflation

  • Pumps up to 160 PSI

  • Accurate pressure gauge

  • High quality hose

  • Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valve compatible

  • Amazing lifelong warranty

Our Review:

The Alphatrail mountain bike pump tackles flat tires anywhere, anytime. It inflates Presta, Schrader, and even Dunlop valves with its reversible head and included adapter. Hitting120 PSI, it's perfect for road, touring, and mountain bikes.


This pocket rocket is just 27 cm long and weighs next to nothing (around 113 grams), easily fitting in a bag. A frame mount keeps it rattle-free on your bike. Inflating is comfortable thanks to a locking lever on a 15 cm hose that reaches tight valves.


A large, swivelling pressure gauge lets you monitor air pressure from any angle. Built tough with aluminium and quality plastic, a fixed dirt cap shields the pump head for long-lasting performance.

6. Woowind LP1 MTB Pump


Portable must have piece of kit

  • Budget friendly electric mountain bike pump

  • Compact design

  • Handy auto sw

  • Unique LED light function

  • 24-months warranty

Our Review:

Another mentioned for Woowind and this one is there very popular LP1 mountain bike pump. This one is there more premium option compared to the BP188 and has some excellent added features. This one is powerful enough to inflate car tyres in one minute so as you can image, mountain road bike tyres for this little thing are a breeze.

We love the handy little LED function especially if you are out there in the evening and end up with a flat tyre, the light becomes very usual to get you back on the trail.

As you know already, we love pumps with a display feature so you can get accurate measurements when it comes to pumping up your tyres. We think the display on this one in particular is very easy to read and comes with a patent feature whereby the pump shows the actual and present pressures.

The automatic shut off feature is incredibly useful as you can set it to your desired pressure and then let it do its thing.

Overall, this one we absolutely love from Woowind. It feels absolutely solid in your hand and feels like the best version they have produced so far when it comes to this range. We found it really easy to use and will pump up your mtb tyres multiple times on one charge. Another great option on the market!

7. VOGORA Mountain Bike Pump


Over 1,000 sold this month

  • Amazing value for money

  • High-quality piston

  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort

  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves

  • Comes with three year warranty

Our Review:

VOGORA isn't just another bike pump company; theirs is designed for ease of use and efficiency. Their secret weapon? A steel cylinder is formed using a special pouring process.


This, along with a high-quality piston, packs more power into a smaller space for faster inflation. Plus, it works with Presta and Schrader valves thanks to the dual valve head, eliminating the need for multiple adapters.


Standing at a manageable 16.5 inches, the VOGORA pump is perfect for storage and use by riders of all ages. A built-in, high-precision gauge lets you monitor tire pressure in real-time, preventing overinflation and potential blowouts.


Comfort is key, too, with an ergonomically designed handle featuring rounded corners and a thick diameter for easy gripping and powerful pumping. Finally, the collapsible stainless steel base provides space-saving storage without sacrificing stability or durability.

8. VEEAPE Portable Air Compressor MTB Tyre Inflator


High quality feel!

  • Unique heat dissipation system

  • Real-time pressure monitoring

  • Will display last used pressure value

  • Great battery life lasting

  • Up to 150 PSI

Our Review:

Veeape isn't your typical mountain bike pump. This innovative company brings electric power to your rides with their portable Mini Tyre Inflator. Gone are the days of manual pumping!


This clever device boasts an easy-to-read digital gauge that displays pressure in four units (PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm²) and lets you pre set your desired inflation level. Once set, the compressor automatically inflates and shuts off, preventing over inflation for safe and reliable use.


Despite packing a punch, the Veeape Mini Inflator is small and lightweight, shaped fora comfortable grip and easy portability. The pump's built-in heat dissipation keeps it cool, while the safety features protect you from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overcharge.


The digital gauge even displays the recommended pressure for your tires alongside the actual pressure, making inflation a breeze. For added convenience, the pump remembers the last used pressure setting, saving you time on future top-ups.

9. Wheel Up Bike Pump


Cheapest pump on the market

  • Unbelievable bang for your buck

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valve

  • Up to 120 PSI

  • Non-slip design

Our Review:

Wheel Up isn't just about inflating your bike tires; their pump tackles a wider range of needs. Thanks to an included needle, this versatile tool inflates mountain bike tires and electronic bikes, motorbikes, car tires, and even sports balls.


Plus, it boasts Presta and Schrader valve compatibility, built right in, eliminating the hassle of adapters and potential leaks.


The Wheel Up pump is built for efficiency and ease of use. The ergonomic handle design allows for comfortable pumping with minimal effort, while a wide steel pedestal ensures stability during use.

A long barrel with a 120 PSI capacity pushes air into tires quickly, getting you back on the road faster. The pump's aluminium alloy barrel is built to last, with standing heavy use and extreme temperatures.

10. Optio Mountain Bike Pump


High-quality build and feel

  • Rust-proof plastic design
  • Quick and easy to use

  • Sits perfectly in your hand

  • Easily attached to your mountain bike

  • Weighs only 120g

Our Review:

Optio Cycle focuses on creating reliable and user-friendly cycling accessories. Their minibike pump is a great example of packing a punch in a small package. Built with high-quality, rust-proof plastic, this pump is built to withstand the elements. Don't be fooled by its size, though! Despite weighing only 120 grams, it boasts a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, inflating tires quickly and efficiently.


The Optio pump boasts fantastic compatibility, too. Thanks to a design that works with Presta and Schrader valves, you can inflate any bike tire without needing an adapter.


Plus, the ergonomic and lightweight handle makes pumping comfortable and requires minimal effort. A handy frame mount with a Velcro fastener keeps the pump secure and easily accessible on your mountain bike, BMX, or road bike.

Floor Pumps vs. Mini Pumps

Before diving deeper, let's address the two main pump categories:

     Floor Pumps: These bad boys are the undisputed champions of inflation efficiency. Standing tall and proud, they leverage your body weight for effortless pumping. This makes them ideal for topping up tires at home or after a ride.


Their larger size allows them to pack more pumping power, inflating tires quickly and with minimal effort. Plus, they typically boast features like pressure gauges and comfortable handles, making the process smooth and controlled.


     Mini Pumps: Compact and lightweight, mini pumps are your trusty sidekicks for on-the-trail emergencies. They easily fit in your backpack or even mount directly to your bike frame, ensuring you're never stranded with a flat.


While they require more manual effort to inflate tires, some mini pumps offer innovative features to minimize the number of strokes needed.

Choosing Your Pump

Now that you're familiar with the pump types let's delve into the key factors to consider when selecting your perfect mountain bike pump:


     Valve Compatibility: Presta valves are standard on most mountain bikes, but some riders prefer Schrader valves. Ensure your chosen pump has a head that seamlessly works with your valve type. Look for pumps with reversible heads or those that accept Presta and Schrader to avoid compatibility woes.


     Pressure Gauge: A built-in pressure gauge is a lifesaver, allowing you to precisely inflate your tires to the manufacturer's recommended PSI (pounds per square inch).Overinflated tires can be harsh on your rims and uncomfortable to ride, while underinflated ones are prone to punctures.


     Pump Barrel Material: Steel and aluminium are the most common materials for pump barrels. Steel offers superior durability but adds weight, while aluminium balances strength and portability. Choose steel if you prioritize longevity and don't mind the extra weight, or opt for aluminium for a lighter pump that's easier to carry on rides.


     Pump Head Design: Look for a pump head that's easy to attach and secure to your valve stem. Lever-action heads are convenient and user-friendly, while some pumps offer heads with a built-in dust cap to prevent dirt from entering the valve.


     High-Volume vs. High-Pressure: Floor pumps often offer a high-volume setting for quickly inflating tires and a high-pressure setting for topping up air shocks. If you plan to use your pump for both purposes, choose a model with this dual functionality.

Wrapping It Up!

Conquer the trail with confidence! This guide explored a variety of mountain bike pumps, each offering unique features to fit your needs. From versatile mini pumps that tackle any valve type to powerful electric inflators, you will surely find the perfect pump for keeping your tires rolling.


Remember, consider factors like portability, pressure output, and ease of use to find your ideal trail companion. So, hit the pump and the trails, and enjoy the ride!

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