Best Golf Balls 2024

There’s no better feeling then walking up to the tee and hitting your best golf ball flush in the middle of your club. Whether you are just getting into the sport or playing professionally, choosing the right golf ball for your game can make a huge difference. Sports brand spend millions and millions of pounds on research and development to improve the performance on various golf balls.

The best golf balls help you play better and give you more confidence each time you walk up to hit it. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most expensive option or the ones you see the pros use on TV.

We’ve spent hours and hours researching and testing various different golf balls to hopefully make the decision for you easier. Whether you are using this out on the golf course or just for practicing on your golf putting mat, each ball has its own pros and cons. We’ve looked at the top of the range options as well as budget friendly options so we should have something for everyone.

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The Complete Guide To Our Top 10 Rated Golf Balls In 2024

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Best Golf Ball ReviewCallaway Supersoft is specifically designed for increased distance and control around the green. This ball has a new feature of a hybrid cover which has allowed multi-material construction and versatility. When you are hitting the shots into the green, this feature feels super effective.

Another distinguishing feature is the soft compression core which is designed to increase ball speed along with a high launch and low spin. This feature is the best for longer irons and hybrids. Another interesting feature of this ball is the black background on the name of Supersoft as it allows the perfect alignment. The background alignment is extremely important and helpful because it saves your time applying a line with a sharpie.

The testing has approved that the durability of the ball is above moderate. While testing, it occurred that the ball could have a bit deeper dimples. Last but not the least, the price of the ball is reasonable as compared to other balls with such features.

Overall, these are well deserving of the top spot! Fantastic value for money and have an amazing pop off the face. The outer shell is one of the softest we’ve ever felt and surprised at how durable they are as well. We find that they are very easy to spot which helps us average golfers who spend more time looking through the rough. Highly recommend to anyone!

2. Srixon Distance Golf Balls

Srixon Dixon Best Golf Ball Review

This ball is specially designed for those players who want to cover maximum distance. This premium golf ball is a combination of distance, velocity, responsive feel, and durability.

The compression of 89 gives it the title of the firmer ball in the market. Its fast layer core with a soft center that does not remain soft around the edges, is perfect for maximum distance.

The 324 dimple pattern has aerodynamically tuned dimples that pass through the wind while keeping the ball on line and help in covering maximum distance. This ball is for two types of golfers, newcomers, and for beginners who are still learning and developing skills with a different range of balls. This ball is perfect for them.

During the testing, the most prominent thing was that the ball held its line in extremely windy conditions, and that is why there was no curve off and the ball was successful and covered important yards.

Overall, it does exactly what it says on the tin. These balls will go for miles and for some might be the furthest you’ve ever hit. If you are looking for high spinning balls, then this wouldn’t be your choice. But these are a fantastic all-round golf ball that will fit any average player.

3. Taylormade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

Taylormade RBZ Best Golf Ball Review

This ball has a 50 compression design for a softer feel. In the manufacturing of this ball, more holes were deliberately inserted than usual. This ball has the lovely feel of the face of a putter.

Its 7 iron performance during launch monitor is also good. It can cover 174 yards along with a peak height of 34 yards. This ball is specially made for mid and slow-driver swing speed.

You would feel the long performance good if your driver's head speed is around 90kmph. Because of the best solid game performance, this ball is considered the best soft golf ball. This product of Taylormade delivers huge performance.

This may not be the best for fast swingers, but for slower swingers, this would be the best if they play with this ball.  On average, an average player always prefers a soft ball over a firmer ball because of the low compression rate.

Overall, it is exactly what you’d expect from Taylormade! These feel fantastic around the green without losing any distance from the drive and considering the price, we think they are fantastic value for money.

4. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Best Golf Ball Review

Titleist is famous for giving an exceptional feel. This ball is one of the best balls in the history of golf balls. This ball is aimed for a long-distance and greenside spin. This ball has the feature of an aerodynamic cover and a layer of the casing with improved technology.

This ball is not designed for the specific golfer but for all kinds of golfers with different abilities. In this ball, there is an enhanced alignment side stamp for perfect accuracy and aiming.

This ball is perfect for those golfers who want to shoot their optimum potential. Its new, softer cast urethane elastomer cover has come up with distinctive changes, and because of that, we have seen a change in the pattern of dimple for the first time that provides a more consistent and higher ball flight.

The fast higher flex casing layer gives more speed and lowers the long spin game. If you need an up in your golf game, you need to try this ball.

Overall, these golf balls are probably the most well-known amount golfers and definitely on the premium end when it comes to cost. However, when it comes to technology and performance, there’s very few that will keep up with the V1x’s. The added “x” feature will send your hits further and longer than you have before which could be a good or bad thing depending on your level of play. If you are happy to pay the higher amount, then these will not let you down!

5. Callaway Golf Warbird balls

Callaway Warbird Best Golf Ball Review

The warbird name is known for speed and distance. This ball has adopted two-piece construction along with a large core for the promotion of maximum distance. This ball aims for maximum distance through the bag.

The extra-large and high-energy core are super compressible that are engineered for maximum potential distance at any swing speed. This ball is very well priced and if you are a regular player, you would notice the difference at first.

This ball feels incredibly hot with the driver, and it is designed to deliver a strong ball flight with plenty of rolls. When you are hitting with irons, more specifically wedges, the extra yards become even more prominent. The brand claims that the ionomer cover adds feel and control around the greens. For the average player, this ball is the best, and this ball is responsive from 100 to 120 yards.

Overall, these are budget golf balls that are really good quality. The colour means they are very easy to find and have a nice feel off the driver. We can’t promise that this will help keep them out of the rough but at the price they are per ball, we think you won’t mind them going in there too much in the first place!

6. Taylormade Distance+

Callaway Distance+ Best Golf Ball Review

This ball comes with an ionomer cover which is designed to give maximum distance with a mid-launch. The ball’s carry distance has increased because of the react speedcore and 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern.

You can have a soft feel and mid-high wedge spin with 77 compressions. The ball also helps the players on the green because of the alignment aid that is designed to make lining up easy and gives quick feedback on a roll.

The distance helps to offer high-velocity performance on all shots. With this ball, there is a difference from the premium ball, so you should not be expecting extra 20 yards. However, the distance is quite noticeable.

This ball is regarded as a mid-launch ball that is in perfect alignment with the driver. The flight is great off the tee, and if you do not aim to keep the ball down, then there is a possibility because there is scope to hit different shots.

Overall, these are fantastic golf balls for all levels of golfers. They go a long way and feel nice off the club face, what else could you ask for! Especially beginners who usually need help getting good distance off the tee. Plus, they are not expensive so won’t be expensive when you lose a few balls.

7. Taylormade TP5 Golf Balls

Taylormade TP5 Best Golf Ball Review

This ball by Taylormade has gone through various changes since its initial release and every time, it comes back as stronger as possible. It is, by all means, one of the best golf balls in the market that offers all-around performance in all categories.

Its dimple pattern is designed to increase the carry distance and improve aerodynamics. This ball is super soft that ensures the perfect balance of distance and spin. This ball is best to work with iron and hand when approaching greens.

With this ball, flying shots both low and high have become easy. On the green, this ball has a nice putter face that happens to be a performance aspect. On the other level of greens, this ball is good to go.

Even if you are using it for the first time, the soft cover feels great. The only drawback of this ball is the slower swing speed.

Overall, we’ve had quite a few golfers mention that they prefer these over the Pro V1’s. Personally, we thought they weren’t quite as good but still a fantastic set of golf balls. They are great around the greens with fantastic feels off the face.

8. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Distance Best Golf Ball Review

The soft feels from Srixon are impressive, and these balls have become quite popular over time. The new version of these balls were released in November 2020 and this ball is the 12th generation of softballs.

This ball is a two-piece ball with a fast layer core with a soft and thin ionomer cover. You may feel that with such a simple design you would not be feeling good but you would feel much better than expected.

One of the effective reasons is that the core is soft at the center that gets gradually firmer towards the edges. The ball feels soft during the long game, and short game too because of the compression that is 60 along with that the cover is only 0.063 inches.

When we compare the ball with other balls in the market this ball feels right. Its dimple speed helps in producing a stable flight.

Overall, these are probably more popular to find more than anything. If you spend some of your time in the trees or the hedge, then you can’t go wrong with this. But, they are great value for money especially for high handicappers and will give you great all-round performance.

9. Bridgestone Tour B XS Ball

Bridgetstone Tour B XS Golf Ball Review

This ball is specifically designed for those golfers who aim to swing the driver at a speed around the excess of 10mph which requires tour-level spin control, and a feel around the greens.

This ball is more oriented for feel-oriented players. Many golfers look at the driver's swing speed and think that this is not suitable for them, and this can be the case with many handicapped golfers.

You can swing the driver between 100mph and 105mph and can play off mid-single figures. This ball is a hit for average players, even if you are not good with swing speed, this ball can work.

The dual dimple pattern is designed to deliver enhanced aerodynamics and distance. The good shots go very long and straight in a line. This ball is not suitable for low swingers. This ball feels soft and grabs the speed slowly at the second bounce.

Overall, Bridgestone are known for being up there with Taylormade and Titleist among serious golfers. Distance off the tee for these was incredible with fantastic response off the face. What they might lack from the point of durability compared to their competitors, they make up for in spin and feel. Definitely worth a try!

10. Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity Best Golf Ball Review

The design of this ball has evolved with time. The engineers have done an excellent job in considering the firmness and depth of each layer for the best performance. The core of the ball is of the same size but it is now firmer than before to gain the maximum speed on full shots.

The naZ+ ionomer cover has also changed from the previous formula, and now it has an octahedral pattern for the 350 dimples on the cover. The purpose of this change is to generate the high flight with a little consistency.

This ball is a low-spinning ball. This is the combination of ball speed, low spin, and high flight. All these features combine to make this ball the best velocity ball in the range. With the driver, the ball flies high and spins at about 300 rpm.

However, with this, there is a downside of this because the low spinning nature of the ball highlights that there is less spin on the approach, and side by side there is less control on chips around the ground.

Overall, fantastic all round golf ball that goes the distance but also great around the greens. Some have even said they gained 15-20 yards with these but this will only really make a difference if they aren’t going further into the trees. They are really well priced and worth a try!

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