Best Electric SUP Pumps 2024

If you don’t have an electric SUP pump already, it might be time for you to get one. Having spoken to paddle board enthusiasts all the way from beginners to advanced riders, a SUP pump is one of the best investments you can make. With the recent advances in technology, not only will it save you so much energy having to manually pump your paddle board, but it could also inflate your entire paddle board in minutes.

The vast array of features available in Electric SUP pumps can make it so much easier to get on the water quickly without wasting any energy. Imagine gliding through pristine waters, without having to exhaust yourself manually pumping up your paddle board leaving you completely worn out or with a bad back.

To enhance this experience, we introduce the 10 best electric SUP pumps to revolutionize how you inflate your board, making your adventure effortless and efficient.

In this article, we will explore the world of electric SUP pumps, diving into their features, advantages, and why they are essential for any SUP enthusiast. These pumps are designed to eliminate the struggles of manual inflation, providing quick and hassle-free inflation, so you can spend more time exploring and less time prepping.

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey as we unveil the 10 best electric SUP pumps, each with unique features and capabilities that will take your SUP adventures to new heights.

But if you are in a quick hurry and need to have a run through our list, we've summarised our best 10 choices in a nice table for you below. Feel free to check out the items as some of them are on a deal.

Unveiling the 10 Best Electric SUP Pumps

When it comes to effortlessly inflating your stand-up paddle board (SUP), electric SUP pumps are the go-to solution. These devices are designed to make the inflation process quick, easy, and convenient, allowing you to enjoy your paddle boarding adventures more.

Here, we present the 10 best electric SUP pumps that have gained recognition for their performance and reliability.

1. Airbank D13 Puffer Pro SUP Pump

Airbank Best SUP Electric Pump

So, next up on our list is the D13 Puffer Pro by Airbank. If you are looking for effortless and accurate inflation, then the Puffer Pro impresses in this area. The SUP pump comes with tonnes of features including a deflation option that will leave your paddle board feeling like it never contained any air!

We would say that it is also the smallest and lightest pump on the market with the pump weighing just 1.26kg. It even comes with a handy carry bag to keep all the valves and bits all together.

Don’t forget, it’s very versatile as it can inflate your kayak, air bed and so many other things.

Overall, the Airbank Puffer D13 Puffer Pro is our top rated electric inflatable paddle board pump as it's the most lightweight pump on the market right now which for us really sets it apart from the rest of the list. It will easily fit in your backpack while having enough power to inflate multiple paddle boards without any fuss or hassle.

2. TOPUMP TPS300 Pro Rechargeable SUP Pump

Best Electric SUP Pump

Top of our list is the TOPUMP TPS Pro paddle board pump which is a lightweight but powerful SUP pump that will do all the hard work for you. We tested pumping the Barracuda paddle board with this one and it took less than 10 minutes to inflate the entire paddle board.

We love the fact that this doesn’t need to be plugged in to work and is very straightforward to use. Also noticed that the nozzle attachments lock on to the paddle board vales better than any of the other pumps as well.

To test the capacity, we thought we’d try inflating multiple paddle boards to see how many we could get out of this SUP pump. We inflated the Barracuda five times and still had 2 out of the 5 bars still left to go.

This one is very versatile as you can use it for other items such as inflatable kayaks as well as air beds and tents making it a great investment for all your inflatables.

Overall, the Topump TPS300 rechargeable pump is a close second on our list because of how powerful and versatile it is. This will pump up so many boards in just one go. If you are visiting a remote location this weekend to go paddling then this is a must have. It is currently on sale this week so check it out along with it's amazing reviews.

3. Dskeuzeew Rechargeable SUP Pump

Best SUP pump

The Dskeuzeew Rechargeable Paddle Board Pump offers speedy inflation with its dual-stage airflow system (410L/min for the 1st stage and 90L/min for the 2nd stage). Achieving a maximum pressure of 20 PSI efficiently inflates a paddle board from 5PSI to 15 PSI in just 10 minutes.

The pump also boasts a deflation mode that rapidly flattens the SUP for easy storage. Its built-in 9000mAh lithium battery allows convenient inflation of up to 4 paddle boards, offering a cord-free experience. Equipped with an LCD, the real-time monitoring and auto-off function prevent over-inflation.

The independent cooling system ensures continuous operation without overheating, while the six different nozzles make it versatile for various water sports and outdoor activities. With its portability and comprehensive features, this pump is a must-have for any adventure enthusiast.

4. OutdoorMaster The Dolphin SUP Pump 20 PSI

Best SUP pump

The OutdoorMaster is a very popular brand when it comes to electric SUP pumps and you may have spotted them across various different platforms. They are well known for their unique designs and names for their products.

This Dolphin SUP pump is versatile and has multi-nozzles for various inflatables. Its 9-foot 12V DC cable ensures a convenient power supply, while the sunlight-readable digital pressure gauge provides accurate readings within the 0.5–20 PSI working range.

The pump features an auto-off function for added safety and efficiency. It's easy-to-carry design and sleek aesthetic make it a reliable companion for inflating your paddle board and other outdoor gear.

We found this one to be a small little power hitter with it’s fast inflating and easy to use functionality.

As per all the previous pumps, this one will save you the hassle of manually pumping your inflatable paddle board and these are budget. Although, it doesn’t come with a battery like the previous three, it does mean it’s considerably cheaper than the premium options. Overall, it is well worth it’s place on the list.

5. AstroAI Paddle Board Pump

Best SUP pump

The AstroAI Paddle Board Pump is a game-changer for water enthusiasts. With an intelligent dual-stage inflation system, it effortlessly reaches 20 PSI, making it ideal for inflatable boats, kayaks, and air tents. Its sturdy metal structure and 7.5" LED screen add durability and user-friendliness.

What sets it apart is the powerful motor that ensures 30% faster inflation than its counterparts. It's designed for convenience on the go, featuring a high-capacity removable battery that can recharge quickly and inflate up to 3 sets of tires. This versatile electric pump brings efficiency and ease to your outdoor adventures.

6. Airhead Super Pump 120V

Best SUP pump

This powerful pump offers fast and efficient inflation, with a high-pressure piston reaching up to 20 PSI. Obviously, most paddle boards don’t need to go all the way up to 20 but could be useful if you are inflating other items.

It has multiple adapters to fit various valve types, ensuring compatibility with different SUP models. We found that you can inflate two paddle boards in very quick time without any hassle. We did find some information somewhere that it is able to inflate a large inflatable pool in about 30 seconds which is impressive.

It also has a deflate option which is useful especially when it comes to paddle boards as you may have to pack them into your backpack so need to take out any air that’s leftover in there.

We thought the rubber feet was a nice touch as well which helped it from sliding around especially during inflating. Airhead are also very well known for their durability so we expect these to last for many years.

7. Seamax Intelligent 20PSI Digital Pump

Best Electric SUP pump

Its intelligent digital control system lets you set and monitor the desired pressure. It features a built-in sand filter and a durable motor for reliable performance.

We used this to pump up our Barracuda paddle board which took just 8 minutes to be fully inflated. Was very simple to use and not too noisy either.

You have the added feature of deflating with this one as well which is always a bonus.

We did hear that the handle can be a hit and miss as it is not necessarily needed and adds on extra weight. We didn’t think it was too much of a bother but if you have limited space to pack everything then this may not fit.

Overall, your arms will be thankful for not having to manually pump up your paddle board.

8. HIKS Electric SUP Pump

Best Electric SUP Pump

HIKS is one of the lesser-known brands when it comes to SUP pumps but this one really packs a punch. It’s a UK company which is known to have the best customer service. The pump itself goes up to 16 PSI and comes with 4 adaptors and a carry bag.

Having tested this one with our 12’ paddle board, it took about 11 mins to pump it up which is pretty good. Gives you enough time to get all your other bits ready like your accessories and paddle. We think that you should be able to get two paddle boards out back-to-back.

Overall, a great budget friendly option that will save a lot of arm power. It can be noisy sometimes but nothing too outrageous. The extra attachments make it versatile as well which is always handy as well.

9. OutdoorMaster Shark SUP Pump

Best Sup Pump

Another mention for OutdoorMaster who do have an array of options for your SUP pump. This one is one of their more premium options compared to the dolphin.

This pump ensures accurate inflation by featuring a digital display and an adjustable auto-stop function. It has a wide range of valve adapters and offers high-pressure and high-volume modes. The unique feature with this one is the active cooling system.

The biggest thing we noticed with this one is the quality of the material that are used and the construction. You can throw this around or even leave it in the bag for it to be flung around, it will not be affected.

It does probably deserve to be higher on this list but we already have the dolphin in the range, so we have placed it a little lower to give options from other brands on the market.

Overall, another fantastic electric SUP pump that will save you lots of energy and comes packed with some handy features as well.

10. Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure Electric Pump

 Best SUP Pump

This pump is designed for high-pressure inflatables, including SUPs. It offers dual-stage inflation, automatically switching to high-pressure mode to reach optimal firmness.

11. Sevylor 12V 15 PSI SUP Pump

Ideal for inflatable SUPs, this pump operates using a 12V car adapter. It provides reliable inflation up to 15 PSI and a convenient deflate option for easy storage.

12. SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump

This compact, lightweight pump is perfect for travel. It offers adjustable pressure settings and a digital LCD screen for easy monitoring.

13. Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Electric Pump

Known for its fast inflation speed, this pump can fill a standard-sized paddle board in under 10 minutes. It features a quiet motor and comes with multiple valve adapters.

14. Aqua Marina Super Electric Pump

This pump offers quick and efficient inflation, with a maximum pressure capacity of 20 PSI. It includes a built-in sand filter and a convenient deflate option for easy storage.

15. Dr.meter HT-401 Electric Air Pump

This versatile pump is suitable for various inflatables, including SUPs. It provides quick inflation and offers three different nozzle sizes to accommodate different valve types.

The Evolution of SUP Inflation

In the early days of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), inflating a paddle board was an uphill task. Paddlers relied on manual pumps, using their strength to fill the board with air. This process often requires significant effort and time, taking away from SUP's enjoyment and relaxation. However, as the sport gained popularity and technology advanced, the need for a more efficient and convenient inflation method became apparent.

The evolution of SUP inflation brought forth electric SUP pumps, a game-changer for paddle boarding enthusiasts. These pumps eliminated the physical exertion and time-consuming nature of manual inflation. With the simple push of a button, electric pumps quickly and effortlessly fill the paddle board with air, allowing paddlers to spend more time on the water and less time prepping.

Electric SUP pumps utilize innovative technologies to provide consistent inflation pressure, ensuring that the board reaches the optimal level of firmness. This improves the paddling experience and contributes to the board's stability and performance on the water. With the evolution of SUP inflation, paddlers can now enjoy the adventure and serenity of stand-up paddle boarding without the hassle of manual pumping.

Advantages of Electric SUP Pumps

Electric SUP pumps offer numerous advantages, making them a preferred choice for inflating stand-up paddle boards (SUPs). Here are some of the key benefits:

1.    Time and Effort Savings

Electric pumps eliminate manual pumping, allowing you to inflate your SUP quickly and effortlessly. This saves you time and energy, enabling you to enjoy your paddle boarding adventures more.

2.    Consistent Inflation

Electric pumps provide consistent and precise inflation, ensuring your SUP is correctly inflated to the recommended pressure. This is important for maintaining optimal performance and stability on the water.

3.    Convenience and Portability

Electric SUP pumps are designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to carry and store. They often come with convenient features like lightweight construction, built-in handles, and compact storage bags.

4.    Versatility

Many electric pumps come with various valve adapters, allowing them to be used with different SUP models and other inflatables. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for any water sports enthusiast.

5.    User-Friendly Operation

Electric SUP pumps are typically designed with user-friendly controls and digital displays, making them easy to operate. Some pumps even have automatic shut-off features that stop inflation once the desired pressure is reached.

Understanding Different Pump Designs and Technologies

Various designs and technologies are available for electric SUP pumps that cater to different needs and preferences. It's essential to understand these options to make an informed decision. Let's explore the key pump designs and technologies:

1.    Single-stage vs. Dual-stage Inflation Systems

Single-stage pumps to inflate the SUP board in one continuous action, while dual-stage pumps have two modes - high-volume and high-pressure. Dual-stage pumps are more versatile, allowing you to inflate the board quickly with the high-volume mode and then switch to the high-pressure mode to reach the optimal PSI.

2.    High-Pressure vs. High-Volume Pumps

High-pressure pumps are designed to inflate the SUP board to a higher PSI level, typically around 15 PSI or more. They are suitable for rigid boards and provide better stability and performance on water. High-volume pumps, on the other hand, prioritize inflating the board quickly and are ideal for inflatable SUPs that require lower PSI levels.

3.    Suitability for Different SUP Board Types

Depending on your SUP board, you'll need to choose a pump that suits its specific requirements. Hardboard SUPs typically require high-pressure pumps to achieve the necessary rigidity. Inflatable SUPs, on the other hand, are best inflated with high-volume pumps due to their lower PSI requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric SUP pumps suitable for all types of SUP boards?

Electric SUP pumps can be used for inflatable and rigid SUP boards. However, choosing a pump with the appropriate pressure range and nozzle attachments is essential to match your specific board.

Can I overinflate my SUP board with an electric pump?

Most electric SUP pumps have pressure sensors or adjustable settings to prevent overinflation. However, monitoring the PSI levels and following the manufacturer's guidelines is important to avoid damaging the board.

Can I use an electric SUP pump on the water?

No, electric SUP pumps are designed for land use only. It is recommended to inflate your SUP board before heading to the water and ensure it is fully inflated and secured before entering the water.

Can I deflate my SUP board with an electric pump?

No, electric SUP pumps are primarily designed for inflation. Deflating the board is typically done manually by removing the valve and allowing the air to escape.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, electric SUP pumps have revolutionized the world of stand-up paddle boarding, making inflation a breeze and enhancing the overall adventure experience.

With the 10 best electric SUP pumps, you can embark on effortless adventures, exploring breathtaking waterways easily and confidently. Embrace the power of technology and elevate your SUP journey to new levels of excitement and enjoyment.





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