Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2024

With injury prevention and longevity in the game becoming such important talking points, many golfers have turned to the best electric golf trolleys to help them on the course.

If you are carrying your bag around with all your golf clubs, it’s not uncommon to struggle during your round as well as fatigue towards to end. Even worse, we’ve heard from golfers that struggle the next day with getting out of bed as well as injuries such as lower back pain.

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Why do you need an electric golf trolley?

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference an electric golf trolley can make. If you've read our best golf push trolley reviews, then you know we love those for how much energy but electric options take this to another level. We’ve had cases where people have gone from playing just once or twice a week to four or five times in a week without feeling achy the next day. The trolleys have also become lighter with ladies electric golf trolleys becoming more popular as well.

As you can imagine, it makes a huge difference when you don’t have to carry around a golf bag for 18 holes especially if you are taking all your clubs and extras with you. Using an electric golf trolley, will help you reserve your energy for actual golf instead of using it all up walking from hole to hole.

Again, this will make a massive difference if you play three or four times a week as you will use up less energy having one of these and more importantly, prevent injuries occurring in the long run so you can play the game for many years without any stress.

This will lead into better performance out on the course as the energy you save from carrying your bag around, you can use for bigger hits as well as better decision making over the course of a round.

So, we’ve done our research and tested our best picks on our local course to help you find one that suits your needs. You might be in a hurry and not have enough time to go through our detailed reviews below so we have done a quick summary here below of our options.

Best Electric Golf Trolleys 2024 

1. PowaKaddy FX3

best electric golf trolley 2022 uk

PowaKaddy is another golf trolley specialist who are leading the way when it comes to trolley innovation with over 1 million trolley sales. They are well-known for their golf bags as well but let’s see how impressive the golf trolleys really are.

Straight away, we were impressed by the easy one-click system to fold down the trolley. In their previous models, you had to pull a few different levers, but this upgrade has really made life easier when it comes to folding it up after a round of golf.

It’s got a fantastic wide-screen colour display that lets you see when it’s switched on and the speed you have set it at. The bright yellow dial below the screen to control the speed of the trolley. As all the weight is down at the bottom, there’s no problems with the trolley tipping over while out on the course. One thing to note with this one is that you must take the battery out to be able to charge it. Can be a little annoying sometimes but shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Overall, the PowaKaddy FX3 is our best rated electric golf trolley right now on the market. This is a fantastic entry-level electric golf trolley that will help make life easier for anyone on the course. So easy to use straight out of the box and highly recommend this one for anyone looking to dip their toes in electric trolleys.

2. MotoCaddy M5 GPS

best electric golf trolley uk

Another one from MotoCaddy in the list and this one is one of the premium options from the company. It is significantly more expensive than the M1 but let’s see whether the added features make this a great option.

Just like the M1, we love just how small folding and company the M5 is while being very sturdy when using it. It comes with a big 3.5inch touchscreen which is in colour as well so that’s cool.

You may have seen us mention in our golf GPS watches reviews that they usually come in loaded with 40,000 courses. This is the case with this electric trolley which it does over the Wi-Fi that’s already built into it. Therefore, you get distances from the front, middle and back of the greens as well as any hazards. Another pretty cool feature is the drag and drop pin positions on the screen which gives you more accurate distances to where the pin is on the green.

Overall, a nice electric trolley with GPS functionality. It is very small and easily foldable. The extra features do put it in the premium bracket, but we’ve had quite a bit of feedback that it’s the best trolley some have ever had.

3. Ben Sayers

best electric golf trolley uk

So, our number one electric golf trolley is this one from Ben Sayers. Considered by many to be the oldest golf company in the world dating back to 1873, the company has a reputation for producing innovative products all over the world. With it being much cheaper than the premium electric golf trolleys, we had to find out how this one performed.

Straight off the bat, we loved how easy the trolley was to set up with a simple release catch to fix them in place. We thought we’d time the assembly with this one and from parking to being ready to start the round took only three minutes to setup.

Testing this on our local course, which was relatively hilly, the trolley was able to navigate these with ease. The battery lasted the entire 18-hole course, and we believe could have gone longer as well. We did notice that plugging in the battery was a little fiddly at first and took some getting used to.

You also get some nice extra features such as the scorecard and ball holder as well as the umbrella holder which you don’t sometimes get with the other options.

Overall, the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley is the perfect all round golf trolley that is an alternative to the premium brands. You get way more than what you pay for it and won’t have any regrets going for this one!

4. Motocaddy M1

best electric golf trolley 2022

If you have read our articles before, then you may recognise Motocaddy being featured in our best golf rangefinder article for its PRO3000 rangefinder. We spoke very highly of the product and how Motocaddy provided fantastic value for money. It is probably considered the best-selling electric golf trolley company over the past 10 or 15 years.

To start of with, you are getting the 28 Volt lithium battery with this trolley which is surprisingly easily to connect to the trolley using a little plug that clips in. What’s quite nice about this is that you can charge the trolley without taking the battery out of the trolley unlike some of the other options where you must take it out every time you want to charge it.

When testing out the battery life, we did not come close to emptying out the battery after playing 18 holes. It held up well and seems to comfortably last an entire round of golf.

The Easilock system is a nice convenience as it does give the bag extra stability when sitting on the trolley and pop on and off the trolley very easily.

The small colour screen on the handle tells you all the core information you need to know such as the speed setting as well as how much battery life there is left.

Overall, the Motocaddy M1 is fantastic value for money without having to pay extra for features like GPS. Having spoken to PGA professionals, this is a great option that has incredible battery life as well as being easy to put together.

5. PowaKaddy CT8 GPS

best electric golf trolley with gps

We have another one from PowaKaddy and this is their new premium option that has made it on to our list. As we mentioned before the company really focuses on the aesthetics and we think this is evidence in this model.

Straightaway, you can see it looks more premium compared to its previous models with the battery sitting a bit flusher inside and the cable not coming out as per the M5. There is hardly any difference in weight between the standard and extended batteries for those who are concerned with the added weight to carry when assembling.

Very similar to the FX3, the CT8 is a small folding trolley that has a middle bar suitable for sitting much bigger golf bags on the trolley. With golf bags getting bigger and golfers wanting to carry more things with them, this middle bar will be a good option for these bigger requirements. This is especially impressive as PowaKaddy have claimed that the CT8 is 20% smaller than its previous models.

Just like the M5, this one also comes pre-loaded with 40,000 courses as well as providing distances to the front, middle and back of the greens along with hazards. The only slight difference with this trolley is the slighter smaller 2.8inch colour touch screen that comes with it.

Overall, you can tell this is a premium option just from looking at it. PowaKaddy are known for their quality, and this is no different! We would highly recommend this for anyone who is not on a budget.

6. Powerbug GT Sport

best electric golf trolleys

Powerbug first made their entrance into the electric trolley market in 2003 and has developed a reputation for providing the best sales support once you purchase with the company.

The GT sport series is what we would consider their entry level option and considering the amazing value for money this provides, it’s easy to see why they are so popular in the market.

The aircraft grade aluminium frame makes the trolley very easy to assemble and folds down easily to fit in the car. This is especially great for anyone concerned about their back or generally worried about carrying the weight.

Also, this made it very easy to manoeuvre especially testing it on our hilly local course with the help of the handle which is comfy to hold with the matt grip section.

As you expect with the price, there are no fancy features or extras on the handle. The button to control the power is very simple and compact to use with one hand whilst holding the handle.

However, you do get PowerBugs VRAP distance control which lets you run and park the electric trolley up to 50 yards. This is a useful feature that lets you send your trolley to the next tee while you are putting.

From our testing, we can confirm that the battery usage on these is fantastic as well with a full charge lasting a lot more than the 18 holes required.

Overall, this electric golf trolley does exactly what it says on the box. It is just as good as the more expensive options without all the fancy gimmicks. Nothing to dislike and would easily recommend to any golfer!

7. Promaster Plus

best value electric golf trolley uk

This is probably the cheapest electric golf trolley on the market right now and with almost 311 5-star ratings, let’s see how it does. We did try researching Promaster as a company but having checked their website, were able to see that this golf trolley is the only item that they sell.

The aluminium frame is very light and strong, but assembly did take some getting used to. Once you’ve had a few tries, the trolley become easy to fold. The battery is quite heavy, so this is something to consider for anyone worried about carrying this or lifting in and out of the car boot.

However, the battery holds its charge well and easily lasted the entire 18 holes with potentially another half a round of golfs worth of usage still left over. The controls are simple and effective as per other budget options. You also get an umbrella holder and a scorecard holder as extras which can be useful.

Overall, this electric golf trolley is quite fiddly and potentially heavier than the other options but at half of the price, it’s no contest when it comes to value for money. It does exactly what it does on the box, and we have no hesitation recommending this to anyone!

8. Caddymatic V2

best electric golf trolley 2022

Caddymatic is another golf trolley specialist that offered a wide range of options and colours. However, the V2 was the only option within their electric golf trolley range so let’s see how it does.

Straightaway, you can see that it’s a very smart looking electric golf trolley. We loved the yellow and black theme which made it look cool and edgy. It was lighter than some of the other options which is great especially if you are worried about the weight and having to carry it in and out of the boot. We did find it a little tricky to assemble as there wasn’t many instructions that came with it but after some trial and error, we managed to get hold of it.

The battery is fantastic as we were able to go around our local course twice with a full charge so 36 holes are easy with this one. Feels like the battery will durable and last for many years to come.

Overall, it is exactly what it says on the tin. The price is great compared to the other options and will get you around your course without any stress. The added extra are a nice touch as well and make this fantastic value for money!

9. Pro Rider Golf Trolley

best budget electric golf trolley

Pro Rider was established in 2008 with the aim of providing affordable leisure equipment that has been expanding ever since. It’s no doubt that in terms of the price point, you won’t find many cheaper but let’s see how it really performs as we have seen quite a few fellow golfers use these out on the course.

One thing we were very impressed with was how good these electric trolleys look. Usually, with budget golf equipment, you get what you pay for but the craftsman ship on these is great, and we would say looks better than some of the more expensive options on the market.

It was very easy to fold away and did go down to a nice compact size to fit in your car boot. The battery seemed fantastic from our testing which lasted two rounds with a full charge. One slight concern was that going up hills as it’s top heavy because of the battery so, sometimes has the tendency to fall back downwards.

Overall, you usually hear that you get what you pay for, but we feel with the Pro Rider you are getting fantastic value for money especially when it’s less than half of some of the other options. They have fantastic customer support that answered one of our queries straight away and sent out a replacement with next day delivery!

10. Oypla Headway Pro

best electric golf trolley uk

Oypla is a company you may not have heard or seen around the golf market too much. They are company that offer products in a huge range of categories including electricals, toy, home and garden as well as sports equipment. With over 900 products being offered by the company, the Headway Pro seemed to be the most popular among the golf items and let’s look at why besides its budget price point.

We found the trolley to be easy to assemble and folded up quite small, enough to fit in the back of a car boot. The battery itself seemed fantastic and lasted the full 18 holes with some left-over charge if you were to go around again.

The controls are simple and compact with over 9 speed options. As per previous models, we don’t usually recommend going for 9 as this seemed to require a slight jog and may need to be chased after if not careful. The short travel distance control is great as well when going from tee to green as it will stop when it gets to the selected distance.

Overall, we feel like this is fantastic value for money when it comes to budget electric golf trollies. It will do exactly what you will need it to and all in all a good electric golf trolley!

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that the information here has helped you understand why electric golf trolleys are considered life changing and helped narrow down some options for you!

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