The Ultimate Guide On How To Fly With Inflatable Paddle Boards

With paddle boarding becoming more and more popular, we have had many questions recently whether it is possible to travel abroad with a paddle board. Traveling with an inflatable paddle board is a thrilling experience that can take your water adventures to new heights. The best part is that you can carry your paddle board on a plane, which opens up a world of opportunities for adventure enthusiasts like you!

However, planning air travel with an SUP can be complicated and stressful. You might be trying to get away from paddling in the freezing cold by going somewhere warmer and scenic but are you are able to take your board and all your kits with you? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll share our 5 tips to ensure a stress-free experience when taking your inflatable paddle board to the skies. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first-time adventurer, these tips will help you make the most of your time on a paddle board

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure with your SUP!

1. Check Bag Limitations: The First Step to a Smooth Take off

Before you embark on your adventure abroad with an inflatable paddle board, the first crucial step is to check the airline's baggage limitations. Airlines have specific rules regarding the size, weight, and contents of checked and carry-on bags. Regarding an inflatable paddle board, you must know that inflatable paddle board electric pump with batteries are typically not allowed in checked bags due to safety regulations.

Also, some airlines may require you to register your paddle board as a special item and pay an additional fee for its transportation. It is important to research the specific policies of the airline you will be flying with to avoid any surprises at the airport.

The lithium-ion batteries commonly used in electric pumps are considered hazardous materials by airlines. Pack your electric pump separately in your carry-on bag to avoid any hiccups at the airport. This ensures compliance with airline regulations and guarantees a smooth journey through security checks.

2. Carry-On Bag Limitations: Maximizing Space for Your SUP

It's important to pack efficiently when transporting your inflatable paddle board. While the board can be checked in, saving space in your carry-on bag for necessary accessories is essential.

To ensure a smooth paddling experience upon arrival, keeping electric pump batteries in your carry-on is recommended, as they cannot be packed in checked bags.

Utilize the limited space in your carry-on bag efficiently by packing essential items such as the pump, repair kit, and any valuable or fragile accessories. This safeguards your accessories and ensures you have everything you need for your aquatic adventure once you reach your destination.

3. Packing Your Paddleboard for a Safe and Secure Flight

Packing your inflatable paddle board is a delicate art that requires careful consideration. The goal is to protect your board and accessories from potential damage during the flight. Here are some detailed steps to guide you through the packing process:

  • Use a Good Paddle Board Bag: Invest in a high-quality paddle board bag for air travel. These bags are reinforced with padding to shield your SUP from the rigors of transportation.

A good paddle board bag will also have sturdy handles and wheels for easy manoeuvrability through airports and other travel hubs. This will make it easier to transport your paddle board to and from your destination.

  • Use a Multi-Piece Paddle: Opt for a multi-piece paddle to save space and make packing more manageable. These paddles can be disassembled into smaller sections, fitting more comfortably inside your bag.
  • Wrap the Board around the Pump: Place the pump at the center of the deflated board and roll the board tightly around it. This saves space and adds an extra layer of protection to the pump.
  • Put the SUP Paddle Inside the Bag: Disassemble your SUP paddle and place it inside the bag. This prevents any damage to the paddle during transit.

Make sure the pieces are secured and protected to avoid scratches or dents. Additionally, consider wrapping the paddle parts in a soft cloth or bubble wrap for extra protection.

  • Protect the Paddle Blade and Fins: Use additional padding, such as bubble wrap or clothing. This helps you to protect the paddle blade and fins from potential impact.
  • Wrap the Bag After Packing to Protect It: Once your inflatable paddle board is securely packed, wrap it with a layer of bubble wrap or clothing. This added protection minimizes the risk of damage to your SUP during handling.

Moreover, you can also consider using a board or padded bag for extra protection. This will help shield your inflatable paddle board from potential scratches or dings while in transit. This may be a little more difficult if you are taking an inflatable kayak as there are more parts that will need to be packed.

4. Save Space in Your Bag with an Electric Pump

Maximizing space in your bag is crucial, especially when flying with an inflatable paddle board. Traditional hand pumps can take up considerable space and add weight to your luggage. Consider investing in an electric pump to save space and make your journey more convenient. Even the best paddle board electric pumps are small enough now to fit into a backpack.

Electric pumps are faster and more compact than their manual counterparts. Look for models designed with travel in mind, offering portability without compromising efficiency. This saves space in your bag and ensures a hassle-free setup when you reach your destination.

Consider the weight of the pump as well, especially if you plan to carry it with you frequently. Additionally, look for pumps with durable construction to withstand frequent use while on the go.

Wrapping It Up!

Embarking on a journey with an inflatable paddle board is super exciting! But, if you plan to take your SUP on a plane, you must be extra careful and follow airline regulations. Don't worry; we've got you covered!

Pack your paddle board correctly and check baggage limitations to ensure a smooth take off and safe arrival. Moreover, investing in quality accessories is also a good idea to improve your travel experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, inflate your paddle board, and get ready to fly high with the ultimate guide to flying with inflatable paddle boards!

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