Goosehill Sailor 10'6 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 is a classic inflatable paddleboard designed with first-timers and families in mind. Its dimensions (10'6" length, 32" width, and 6" thickness) prioritize stability, making it ideal for calm waters like lakes and harbors. This stable platform allows beginners to learn and enjoy paddleboarding with confidence, minimizing the risk of tipping over.

Furthermore, the D-ring attachments on the deckpad offer a unique advantage: the ability to install a kayak seat. This transforms the board into a fun family activity platform, allowing children or pets to sit comfortably while you paddle. This versatility makes the Sailor a great choice for creating shared experiences on the water.

Understanding the Company Behind the Board

Goosehill operates with a direct-to-consumer model, meaning it sells directly to customers without involving middlemen. This approach typically translates to more competitive prices, making the Goosehill Sailor an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers which is why this is one of our best inflatable paddle boards on the market right now.

While some direct sellers prioritize high sales volume over customer service, Goosehill appears to prioritize customer satisfaction based on available information. This focus on customer care adds another layer of trust to the brand.

Goosehill Sailor 10’6 specs

While the FunWater Cruise excels in stability and glide, manoeuvrability isn't its strongest suit. The width, pointed nose, and tri-fin configuration that contribute to its positive attributes in other areas also make it a bit less nimble on the water.

Turning requires a wider turning radius, and quick changes in direction demand more effort from the paddler. This is a common trade-off for inflatable SUPs that prioritize stability and smooth gliding.

If navigating tight spaces or performing sharp turns is a priority, you might want to consider a board designed specifically for manoeuvrability, which often features a wider tail and fewer fins.

    Key Features for a Smooth Paddling Experience

    The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 comes with a comprehensive package of accessories to get you started:

    ● Paddle: A 3-piece aluminium paddle is sufficient for getting started with paddleboarding. While it might not be the most comfortable or lightweight option for extended paddling, it connects securely and avoids excessive wobbling. Upgrading to a higher-quality paddle is recommended for serious paddlers who plan on longer distances or more frequent use.

    ● Pump: The user-friendly pump features a dual-action inflation system, significantly reducing the effort required to inflate the board, especially during the initial stages. Once the board reaches a certain PSI, a valve can be opened to facilitate easier inflation at higher pressures. The pump also includes a deflate mode, aiding in the complete removal of air when packing away the board, which helps preserve its aesthetics. Goosehill themselves don’t produce a battery powered inflatable board pump so you may need to research some of the best electric paddle board pumps on the market right now if you want to make this part easier for you.

    ● Fins: The Sailor utilizes a detachable center fin and two smaller fixed side fins. The center fin is secured using a plastic wedge system, which is not the most robust fin attachment method. A single back fin with a screw-bolt mechanism would offer better security and stability, especially in choppy conditions.

    ● Leash: The included ankle leash provides adequate comfort and functionality, ensuring the board stays tethered to the user in case of a fall.

    ● Bag: The spacious carry bag is well-constructed and allows for easy storage and transportation of the entire package without excessive struggle.

      Deep Dive Review

      The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 is an inflatable paddleboard designed with beginners and families in mind. This review delves deeper into its key performance characteristics, focusing on stability, glide, construction, design, and the included accessories.

        Stability: A Confidence Booster for Beginners

        One of the defining features of the Sailor 10'6 is its exceptional stability. This is attributed to two key factors:

        1. Wide Platform: The board's dimensions (10'6" length, 32" width, and 6" thickness) prioritize stability over pure speed. The wider 32-inch platform provides a larger surface area. This makes it easier for beginners to maintain their balance and feel confident on the water, even if they haven't yet mastered their paddling technique.

        2. Dropstitch Construction: The board utilizes dropstitch construction, a technology that involves thousands of high-tensile threads connecting the top and bottom layers of the board. This construction allows the board to be inflated to a recommended pressure of 12-15 PSI, creating a rigid platform that minimizes wobbling and flex, further enhancing stability.

        This combination of a wide platform and rigid construction makes the Sailor 10'6 an ideal choice for first-timers who are still finding their footing on the water. It allows them to learn and enjoy paddleboarding without the constant fear of falling in.

          Speed: A Moderate Pace for Casual Paddling 

          The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 is not designed for pure speed. Its untapered, rounded shape prioritizes stability over a sleek, racing-oriented design. This means it won't be the fastest board on the water, especially compared to touring or racing models with narrower profiles and optimized fin setups.

          However, it's important to clarify that "not the fastest" doesn't equate to "slow." At 21 lbs, the Sailor is still lightweight and maneuverable enough for casual paddling with friends and enjoying leisurely rides on calm waters.

          Therefore, if your primary focus is on a stable platform for learning and recreational paddling, the moderate speed of the Goosehill shouldn't be a major drawback.

            Tracking: Where the Goosehill Falls Short

            Tracking refers to the board's ability to maintain a straight line as you paddle. This is where the Goosehill Sailor 10'6 encounters its most significant performance limitation. Paddle board generally don't track as well as the best inflatable kayaks but there's new technology being introduced every year to improve this when it comes to paddle boards.

            Compared to higher-quality boards, the Sailor exhibits noticeable side-to-side movement in the tail during paddling. This requires more frequent course corrections and steering adjustments, potentially hindering smooth, efficient paddling, especially over longer distances.

            Several factors contribute to this tracking issue:

            ● Fixed Gummy Side Fins: The short, fixed side fins lack the length and rigidity to effectively contribute to tracking. They also bend easily during storage, further compromising their ability to provide directional stability.

            ● Dolphin Fin Design: The sole reliance on the center dolphin fin to maintain tracking becomes insufficient for the wide tail of the Sailor. A longer, deeper center fin or a hatchet fin design would provide better stability and reduce side-to-side movement.

            Potential Improvements:

            The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 could benefit from the following changes to improve its tracking performance:

            ● Upgraded Side Fins: Replacing the fixed gummy side fins with longer, more rigid fins, ideally with a screw-bolt attachment system, would significantly enhance tracking and directional stability.

            ● Hatchet Fin Implementation: Transitioning to a hatchet fin in the center fin position would provide greater surface area and improve tracking, especially in choppy conditions.

            While these modifications might not transform the Sailor into a speed demon, they would significantly improve its tracking capabilities, making it a more suitable choice for longer paddles and maintaining a straighter course with less effort.

            Construction: Balancing Affordability with Durability

            The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 utilizes a single-layer drop stitch construction, which is typical for its price range. While this construction might not be the most durable compared to multi-layer boards, it offers several advantages:

            ● Affordability: Single-layer construction helps keep the board's price point accessible, making it a great option for budget-conscious beginners or families.

            ● Lightweight Design: The single-layer construction contributes to the board's lightweight design, making it easier to transport and inflate, especially for those with limited physical strength.

            ● Easy Portability: The lightweight design also translates to easier storage and portability. The board can be deflated, rolled up, and packed away in the included bag, making it convenient for travel or storing in smaller spaces.

            However, to enhance durability in critical areas, the Sailor 10'6 features a triple-layer rail construction. The rails are the sides of the board, where the top and bottom layers are joined. This triple-layer construction adds strength and helps the board withstand the stress and wear and tear that can occur during normal use.

            Furthermore, Goosehill offers an impressive 3-year warranty on the Sailor 10'6. This extended warranty period signifies their confidence in the board's construction and durability, exceeding the warranty offered by most single-layer paddleboards in this price range.

            Design: Prioritizing Clean Aesthetics and Customization

            Goosehill prioritizes a clean and simple aesthetic with the Sailor 10'6. Unlike some paddleboards that feature busy graphics and lettering, the Sailor boasts a more minimalist design, creating a clean and visually appealing look.

            Additionally, the latest version of the Sailor incorporates several design upgrades:

            ● Increased D-Rings: The board features an increased number of D-rings, creating a more versatile 6-point bungee system at the front. This allows for securing cargo like bags, shoes, or other essentials more effectively.

            ● Color Variety: The Sailor 10'6 comes in a wider range of 9 color schemes, catering to diverse preferences and allowing users to choose a board that matches their style.

            ● Customization Option: For those seeking a truly unique board, Goosehill offers a customization service where users can personalize the board's graphics with their designs.

            While the included accessories might be sufficient for initial use, upgrading the paddle to a higher-quality option is recommended for long-distance paddling or those seeking a more comfortable and efficient paddling experience.

            Goosehill Sailor 10'6: Pros and Cons


            ● Exceptional Stability: The wide 32-inch platform and dropstitch construction prioritize stability. This makes it ideal for first-timers and those seeking a confidence-boosting platform.

            ● Lightweight and Portable: The single-layer construction keeps the weight down to 21 lbs. This makes it easy to transport and store, even for individuals with limited physical strength.

            ● Affordable Price Point: Compared to multi-layer boards, the single-layer construction allows Goosehill to offer the Sailor at a competitive price. This makes it a great budget-friendly option.

            ● Versatility: The D-ring attachments allow for the installation of a kayak seat, transforming the board into a fun family activity platform.

            ● Decent Glide for Recreational Paddling: While not a speed demon, the Sailor offers sufficient glide for enjoyable paddling on calm waters.

            ● Spacious Carry Bag: The included bag allows for easy storage and transportation of the entire package.

            ● 3-Year Warranty: Goosehill offers an impressive 3-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the board's durability.


            ● Moderate Speed: The untapered, rounded shape prioritizes stability over speed, making it a less suitable choice for those seeking long, fast paddles.

            ● Tracking Issues: The fixed gummy side fins and reliance on a single dolphin fin lead to noticeable side-to-side movement, requiring more frequent course corrections.

            ● Potential Construction Concerns: While the triple-layer rail construction enhances durability, the single-layer construction might not be as robust as multi-layer boards in the long run.

            ● Basic Paddle: The included paddle is sufficient for initial use, but upgrading to a higher-quality option is recommended for serious paddlers or extended adventures.

            The Final Verdict

            The Goosehill Sailor 10'6 delivers exceptional value for its price. This inflatable paddleboard is a perfect fit for beginners and families seeking a stable and user-friendly platform for recreational paddling on calm waters.

            Its wide dimensions and drop stitch construction prioritize stability, allowing you to learn and enjoy the sport with confidence. While the included paddle is adequate for initial use, upgrading it to a higher-quality option is recommended for longer adventures or those seeking a more comfortable and efficient paddling experience.

            Overall, the Goosehill Sailor 10'6 offers a fantastic combination of stability, affordability, and versatility, making it a great choice for those starting their paddleboarding journey.

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