Bluefin Rogue Touring SUP - A Detailed Review

The soul of paddle boarding, for many enthusiasts, transcends the simple act of skimming across the water's surface. It's the thrill of the unknown, the opportunity to unearth hidden coves and secret waterways that remain veiled from those confined to land.

If you have read our articles before then you’ll know that we love the Bluefin range especially the Bluefin Cruise which is one of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market right now as well as manufacturing one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market right now.

For paddlers yearning for adventure beyond the shoreline, a touring paddle board becomes an indispensable companion, a vessel to unlock a world of aquatic exploration. However, navigating the multitude of touring boards flooding the market can feel like an insurmountable task.

This in-depth review takes a deep dive into the Bluefin Rogue 12'6, a touring paddleboard that aspires to be both a machine for exploration and a powerhouse of performance. We tested this one with the Airbank Puffer Pro which is one of our rechargeable paddle board pumps to helps us prepare it for getting on the water and we will dive into it further down the article.

Bluefin Rogue Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Understanding the Bluefin Rogue Inflatable Paddle Board: 

The Bluefin Rogue stands out as a versatile paddleboard suitable for a range of paddlers, from beginners looking to advance their skills to experienced enthusiasts seeking a reliable companion for extended excursions.

Let's break down its key features and who might benefit most from its design.

1. Beyond Beginners: While the Rogue may not be the first choice for absolute novices due to its length and slightly less stable design compared to wider beginner boards, it can serve as an excellent option for those who have mastered basic paddling techniques. Its length may make manoeuvring slightly more challenging for beginners, but for those ready to progress, it offers room to grow into their skills.

2. Upgrading Your Paddle: For individuals who have outgrown shorter paddleboards and crave stability for longer journeys, the Rogue provides an ideal platform. Its design prioritizes stability without sacrificing manoeuvrability, making it well-suited for cruising and exploring. Whether you're paddling along serene lakes or venturing into coastal waters, the Rogue offers a comfortable and stable ride.

3. Experienced Paddleboarders: Seasoned paddlers seeking an inflatable option for day or weekend trips will appreciate the Rogue's blend of speed and stability. Its streamlined shape allows for efficient paddling, making it suitable for covering longer distances without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure or joining a group excursion, the Rogue's performance will meet the demands of experienced paddlers.

4. Know Your Limits: While the Rogue accommodates a wide range of paddlers, it's essential to consider factors such as height and weight when selecting a board. Taller riders (over 6'3") or those exceeding 95-100kg may find that a wider 14'0 long board or a 32" wide board offers better stability. Understanding your personal preferences and physical requirements will ensure you choose a board that enhances your paddling experience.

Bluefin: A Company on the Rise

Bluefin's approach to the inflatable paddleboard market sets them apart from traditional brands. If you haven’t already, it’s worth reading our Bluefin Cruise Carbon paddle board review where we do a similar in-depth analysis.

By operating with a direct-to-consumer model, they streamline the purchasing process and offer competitive prices by eliminating the middleman. Let's delve deeper into what makes Bluefin a company worth considering:

1. Innovation and Improvement: Bluefin prioritizes innovation and continual improvement in its product offerings. The popular Cruise board, a staple in their lineup, has undergone several revisions to enhance performance and durability based on customer feedback and technological advancements. This commitment to refinement ensures that paddlers receive top-quality products that evolve with their needs.

2. Range Expansion: Recognizing the diverse preferences of paddlers, Bluefin has expanded its product range to cater to a broader audience. Whether you're a beginner seeking stability and ease of use or an experienced paddler craving speed and agility, Bluefin offers a board tailored to your specific requirements. From entry-level models to advanced inflatable SUPs, their lineup reflects a commitment to meeting the needs of paddlers at every skill level.

3. Quality and Durability: Bluefin's dedication to quality extends beyond innovative design to include durable construction and reliable performance. Each board undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the brand's high standards for durability, stability, and overall performance. Whether you're navigating calm waters or tackling choppy conditions, you can trust Bluefin's boards to deliver a superior paddling experience.

Who is the Board For?

The Bluefin Rogue Touring SUP caters to a diverse range of paddleboard enthusiasts, spanning from beginners to experienced adventurers. Despite its association with seasoned pros like Ellen MacArthur or Ranulph Fiennes, the Rogue is remarkably accessible for newcomers to the sport. Its design strikes a harmonious balance between performance and stability, making it an excellent entry point for those embarking on their paddleboarding journey.

For beginners, the Rogue offers a stable platform to build confidence and skills. While its 12’6 length and 30” width may initially present challenges, particularly in terms of balance and manoeuvrability, novices will quickly adapt and appreciate the board's forgiving nature. It might also be harder to inflate unless you have one of the best electric paddle board pumps to help you out. As they gain experience and proficiency, the Rogue becomes a trusted companion for countless paddling sessions, enabling them to explore and discover new waterways with ease.

For experienced paddlers seeking adventure and versatility, the Rogue delivers on performance without compromising on stability. Its sleek design and innovative features enhance glide efficiency. This makes it ideal for long-distance paddling and diverse water conditions. Whether embarking on day trips or weekend excursions, the Rogue's reliability and manoeuvrability ensure a rewarding paddling experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Bluefin Rogue Inflatable Paddle Touring Board Review:

1. Glide:

The ability of a touring paddleboard to glide seamlessly through water is paramount for a satisfying paddling experience. The Bluefin Rogue excels in this aspect, owing to its thoughtfully engineered design and innovative features.

The board's streamlined shape, characterized by a sharp-pointed nose and minimal rocker, facilitates efficient movement through waves. By piercing through water with ease, the Rogue ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. This allows paddlers to cover longer distances effortlessly.

Additionally, the inclusion of the Water Release Rail further enhances glide performance by minimizing resistance and maximizing efficiency. This feature enables the board to maintain momentum, even in choppy conditions, ensuring a consistent and stable paddling experience.

2. Stability:

While the Bluefin Rogue prioritizes glide performance, it also strikes a delicate balance between speed and stability. It's important to note that, compared to wider beginner boards, the Rogue may feel slightly less stable, particularly for larger riders or beginners.

However, with practice and confidence, paddlers can leverage the Rogue's agility and manoeuvrability to navigate diverse water conditions effectively. The board's construction and design elements contribute to its stability. This allows paddlers to maintain control and balance even in challenging environments.

Despite its sleek profile, the Rogue offers sufficient stability for intermediate to advanced paddlers, enabling them to tackle various water conditions with confidence.

3. Construction:

The Bluefin Rogue boasts a construction quality that rivals premium brands like Red Paddle Co and Starboard. This attention to detail ensures durability, rigidity, and longevity, making the Rogue a reliable companion for countless paddling adventures.

Key features such as the reinforced Flex Reduction System (FRS) and Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) construction contribute to the board's robustness while reducing weight without compromising strength.

The incorporation of carbon-looking tape and innovative design elements further underscores Bluefin's commitment to quality craftsmanship. These construction techniques result in a paddleboard that can withstand rigorous use and perform admirably in various water conditions, ensuring a superior paddling experience for users.

4. Design:

The design of the Bluefin Rogue sets it apart from conventional paddleboards, showcasing a blend of functionality and aesthetics. The board's camo-inspired graphics and attention to detail add a touch of uniqueness and style, enhancing the overall paddling experience.

Practical features such as multiple D-rings offer ample storage options, making the Rogue ideal for extended trips or day excursions. Additionally, strategically placed carry handles enhance portability and convenience, allowing paddlers to transport the board with ease to and from the water.

The thoughtful design elements of the Rogue not only elevate its visual appeal but also contribute to its functionality. This also ensures a seamless and enjoyable paddling experience for users of all levels.

5. Accessories

The Bluefin Rogue's comprehensive accessory package enhances the overall paddling experience, providing users with everything they need for a successful outing on the water.

The inclusion of a carbon shaft paddle equipped with a high cadence blade profile offers lightweight performance and ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable and efficient paddling. The dual-chamber mini pump facilitates effortless inflation, allowing users to inflate the board quickly and easily to the desired pressure.

The single US box fin ensures stability and tracking, enhancing manoeuvrability and control during paddling. Furthermore, the spacious bag with interior straps ensures easy storage and transport of the board and accessories, adding convenience and practicality to the paddling experience.

Overall, the Bluefin Rogue's comprehensive accessory package complements its performance and design, enhancing the overall paddling experience for users.

Where to Buy the Bluefin Rogue:

The Bluefin Rogue 12’6 Touring SUP is available for purchase directly from Bluefin, the UK-based brand renowned for its innovative inflatable paddleboards.

By opting to buy directly from Bluefin, paddlers can access the board's full range of features and benefits while enjoying a seamless purchasing experience. Here's why buying from Bluefin is the optimal choice for acquiring the Rogue 12’6:

Direct Access to Manufacturer: 

Buying from Bluefin ensures direct access to the manufacturer, eliminating intermediaries and streamlining the purchasing process. This direct-to-consumer model allows paddlers to communicate directly with Bluefin's customer service team, facilitating prompt assistance and support throughout the buying journey.

Competitive Pricing: 

Bluefin offers the Rogue 12’6 at a competitive price of £479, providing excellent value for money compared to similar models from other brands. By cutting out middlemen and selling directly to consumers, Bluefin can offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring paddlers receive a premium product at an affordable price point.

Authenticity and Warranty: 

Purchasing the Rogue 12’6 from Bluefin guarantees authenticity and quality assurance. As the manufacturer, Bluefin stands behind its products and provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty. It offers peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects or issues. This warranty coverage underscores Bluefin's commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Exclusive Deals and Offers: 

Buying directly from Bluefin may also provide access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotional offers. As the manufacturer, Bluefin may occasionally run special promotions or bundle deals, allowing paddlers to save on their purchase or receive additional accessories at no extra cost. These exclusive offers enhance the overall value proposition of buying from Bluefin.

Convenient Online Shopping:

Bluefin's online platform offers a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience, allowing paddlers to browse, compare, and purchase the Rogue 12’6 from the comfort of their homes.

The website provides detailed product information, customer reviews, and specifications, enabling informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, secure payment options and efficient shipping ensure a hassle-free buying process from start to finish.

Customer Support and After-Sales Service:

By purchasing from Bluefin, paddlers gain access to dedicated customer support and after-sales service. Bluefin's knowledgeable and responsive customer service team is available to address any queries, concerns, or technical issues, assisting in the ownership journey. Whether seeking product advice, troubleshooting assistance, or warranty support, Bluefin's customer service ensures a positive and satisfying experience for paddlers.

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In conclusion, the Bluefin Rogue 12’6 Touring SUP epitomizes the epitome of adventure and exploration on the water. With its superior construction, innovative features, and comprehensive accessory package, the Rogue offers unparalleled performance and value for money.

Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or venturing into uncharted waters, the Rogue stands ready to accompany paddlers on their journey. With a 5-year warranty and commitment to sustainability, Bluefin exemplifies excellence in the inflatable paddleboarding market. This makes the Rogue a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking quality and adventure.

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