How Do Heated Gilets Work?

We all know that dreaded feeling in the Winter months having to step out in the cold! Whether it may be for your morning run or for work, heated gilets have really become a game changer when it comes to handling the cold.

Heated gilets work the same as other heated equipment such as heated blankets and car seats. They are usually lined with a copper heating zone that is electronically lined to provide power from a power source. With the gilet, you plug it into a portable battery pack which sits in the inside pocket.

We’ve had questions from various professional athletes all the way to construction workers and dog workers about how effective they are and whether they will keep you warm, so we decided to do some research and write a small article about it.

1. Heat Settings

One of the first questions that might pop into your head is what happens if I get too hot? With our body warmer, you have the option of choosing three different heat settings. The red is the highest heat setting with blue being the lowest. When you first switch the body warmer on, it automatically begins with the red heat setting to get it warmed up quickly. Our gilets put you in control with respect to how much heat you need from your jacket.

2. Heating Time

When you open your front door and brace yourself for the cold, you are already thinking of every excuse to stay inside. With the heated body warmers, they warm up in seconds as you can feel the heat working its way around the wires as soon as it’s switched on. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing this over a t-shirt and over your favourite hoodie, you’ll feel the heat almost instantly.

3. Heating Duration

You might be wondering, once you plug it into your battery pack, how long will the heated body warmer last? Well, we usually say with a full charge, the heated gilet lasts about four and a half hours if it’s kept on the entire time. This is with our recommended 8000mah or 10000mah portable charger. Obviously, if you change the heat settings to a lower option or switch it off in between, you will get much longer use out of it.

4. Machine Washable

With all the electrical lining inside of the heated gilet, is it safe to use with a washing machine? Our body warmers are designed to be able to wash safely in the washing machine without disrupting any of the inside. Having tested these for quality control, our HeatPro gilets continued to work as they should even after 50 washes.

5. Customer Feedback

As we mentioned earlier, we have tested these with various customers ranging from professional athletes to dog walkers to construction workers. Among our female customers, the common feedback we have had so far is that it feels like you are wearing a hot water bottle. The heating in the back as well as the front has been very popular with females.

The heated gilets have also been popular among golfers with many mentioning how the lightweight material barely feels like its on and so doesn’t disturb your swing. Especially if you are going for a round around the colder months, this heated body warmer means you don’t have to carry around additional layers or a coat.

Hopefully, this article answered some of your questions when it comes to our heated gilets. These are some of the common things we get asked. If you have anymore questions, send us an email and one of our sales assistants will get back to you.

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