Best Mountain Bike Trails In Scotland

Scotland is famous for its stunning landscapes and abundant outdoor adventure opportunities, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Among the various activities, mountain biking is particularly popular, offering a thrilling way to explore the country’s diverse terrain.

After the success of our best places to mountain bike in the UK, we decided to dive in a little deeper to find the gems of the far north of the country. Beware, you might need your rechargeable electric bike pump for this one as some of these locations are very remote. Our Cycplus AS2 pro max mini bike pump is a great choice to keep around with you on your rides.

Scotland boasts some of the best mountain bike trails, attracting riders from all over the world. These trails promise not only exhilarating rides but also breath-taking scenery, from majestic mountains and dense forests to serene lochs and coastal views.

Whether you are an experienced rider seeking challenging technical descents or a beginner looking for scenic and smoother paths, Scotland has something to offer. The country's well-maintained trails and dedicated biking centers provide excellent facilities. This makes it easy to enjoy a day out in nature. Even with your best mountain bike pump by your side, you will still need to be prepared especially if you are going autumn/winter biking.

So, here are 10 of the best mountain bike trails in Scotland that every adventure seeker should explore.

1. Glentress Forest

A Premier Biking Destination

Glentress Forest, located in the Tweed Valley, is one of Scotland’s premier mountain biking destinations. The forest offers trails for all skill levels, from green beginner routes to black expert trails. The varied terrain includes forest paths, technical sections, and thrilling descents. Facilities include bike rentals, a skills park, and a café, making it perfect for a full day of riding.

2. Fort William

Home of the World Cup Downhill Track

Fort William is world-famous for its challenging trails, particularly the World Cup Downhill Track. This trail is not for the faint-hearted, featuring steep drops, rock gardens, and high-speed sections. For those seeking less intense rides, the Nevis Range offers blue and red trails that provide spectacular views of Ben Nevis and the surrounding area. The gondola uplift service is a unique feature that allows riders to access higher trails with ease.

3. Laggan Wolftrax

A Mix of Natural and Man-Made Trails

Laggan Wolftrax, in the Cairngorms National Park, offers a mix of natural and man-made trails. The red and black trails are particularly popular, offering rocky sections, fast descents, and technical features. There’s also a skills park and easier green and blue trails for beginners. Keep your best mini bike pump with you for this one as you may need a top up for your tyres at some point in the rocky sections. The stunning Highland scenery enhances the riding experience, making Laggan a must-visit.

4. The 7stanes

A Trail Network Across Southern Scotland

The 7stanes is a network of mountain biking centers spread across southern Scotland. Each center offers a range of trails from easy greens to challenging blacks. Popular centers include Glentress, Innerleithen, and Dalbeattie. These trails are well-maintained and offer varied terrains, from forest tracks to rocky paths. The 7stanes network provides an excellent way to explore different parts of Scotland on two wheels.

5. Torridon

A Wild and Remote Adventure

Torridon, in the northwest Highlands, offers some of the most remote and rugged trails in Scotland. The routes here are known for their technical difficulty, with rocky paths, steep climbs, and breathtaking descents. The scenery is unmatched, with views of mountains, lochs, and sea. Torridon is perfect for experienced riders seeking a true wilderness adventure. Again we highly recommend keeping your best electric bike pump with you on hand with this one as well in case you need to give your tyres a quick top up.

6. Glenlivet

Family-Friendly Trails

Glenlivet, located in the Cairngorms, is known for its family-friendly trails. The blue and green routes are perfect for beginners and families, offering smooth paths and gentle gradients. For more experienced riders, the red trail provides more technical features and exciting descents. The on-site café and bike hire facilities make Glenlivet a convenient and enjoyable destination for a day out.

7. Innerleithen

A Challenge for the Brave

Innerleithen, part of the 7stanes network, is renowned for its challenging downhill and cross-country trails. The red and black routes are steep, fast, and technical, attracting experienced riders. Innerleithen also has a bike park with jumps and drops, providing an additional adrenaline rush. The trails here are physically demanding but offer great rewards in terms of excitement and scenery.

8. Cathkin Braes

Urban Riding with Stunning Views

Cathkin Braes, near Glasgow, is a popular spot for urban mountain biking. The trails were built for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and offer a mix of technical sections, flowy descents, and scenic views over the city. The blue and red trails cater to different skill levels, making Cathkin Braes a great spot for both beginners and advanced riders. Its proximity to Glasgow makes it an accessible and convenient biking destination.

9. Carron Valley

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Carron Valley, located near Stirling, offers trails that cater to all skill levels. The red route is the most popular, with a mix of technical climbs, fast descents, and fun features like berms and jumps. There’s also a blue trail suitable for beginners and a skills area to practice techniques. The forested setting and well-maintained trails make Carron Valley a favorite among local riders.

10. Ae Forest

A Hidden Gem

Ae Forest, part of the 7stanes network, is a hidden gem for mountain bikers. The forest offers a variety of trails, from easy green routes to challenging red and black trails. The red route is particularly well-loved, with its flowing singletrack, technical sections, and beautiful woodland scenery. Ae Forest is less crowded than some other locations, offering a peaceful and enjoyable riding experience.


Scotland’s diverse landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for mountain biking. From the world-renowned trails of Fort William to the family-friendly paths of Glenlivet, there’s something for every rider.

Whether you seek the thrill of a technical descent or a leisurely ride through stunning scenery, Scotland’s top mountain bike trails offer unforgettable experiences.

So gear up, hit the trails, and discover the best of Scottish mountain biking.

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